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Author Topic: Berlin  (Read 1146 times)

Offline SteveM

Hi guys,

I'm in Berlin for a couple of weeks and am totally new to punting. Any advice on places to go that are good for beginners? I'm very interested in Royal- it seems to be a classier type of place, and the girls look hot. Prices also look reasonable. But I would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks!

Offline Jerboa

Have you read all the numerous reports from Berlin?

Offline SteveM

@Jerboa I've read a lot of them. Everyone seems to like Artemis, but that doesn't seem like a good place for a beginner. I know to stay away from Oranienburgerstraße. Seems that you could get lucky on Kurfustenstraße or Ku'damm (how exactly does this work? do the girls take you to an apartment/booth in a sex shop?).

Offline Jerboa

I wouldn't say it's a bad place for a beginner, you just need to remember that some girls will try to be sharky, especially if you tell them it's your first time, and look clueless, the good thing about Artemis is you can take your time, no need to pick a girl straight away like in most brothels in town, you can relax between punts, eat and check out naked girls.

Offline elihd

Try smaller brothels and don't go to Annie porche.

Offline oring123

Annie porche is good if you are brave and push forward .if you only hold back i agree not good .
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Offline adindas

Try smaller brothels and don't go to Annie porche.

And your reason is ??

Offline Ben4454

I think a certain type of personality might find Artemis creates a hole in their pocket. A guy who has no restraint or finds it difficult to say no to women might find himself £350 worse off. Perhaps the guy sitting in the corner drinking alcohol using a credit card might wake up the next morning wishing he hasn't spent so much money..

When I first visited Artemis it was definitely mind blowing. I was on my own and went in there when there wasn't many customers -- i was approached about 50 times in 30 minutes. Some girls were catty and each girl had their own individualised approach. If you're a passive guy it can be difficult to say no as some guys do not like hurting womens feelings. I remember a dark haired chubby girl in there.. she approached me in the porn room and asked me to flash her my cock. I flashed her then she asked if i wanted a blowjob. I rejected as i was looking for a blonde girl for my first punt. As the evening progressed she kept coming up to me and eventually her attitude became catty. Knocking into my chair as she walked past and grabbing the back of my neck and pulling it while talking to me. It was definitely a funny/good experience and in my opinion these attitudes enhance artemis and make it better.

For the man who has experience with women Artemis will be great but for the shy types who can't say no it might be a financial experience.
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