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Author Topic: Amber, Milton Keynes Escorts  (Read 715 times)

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Offline edc770

Amber is relatively new to MK Escorts but even though the face pics are blurred, her figure and popularity are such that I had to give her a try whilst she was still fresh. She ended up being a great punt at £60 for half an hour.

I've not been before but presumably the multi-level dwelling near Bletchley is the place that others have described. It's not central MK, so plan travel accordingly. A nice ground floor room was made available for us.

Can't be faulted. Rang up almost a week before to ensure optimum time slot, then rang on the morning to confirm. She is popular, book early.

Excellent. Sometimes the face is a let down after you see the nice body shots. Not on this occasion. She has a hint of Lily Cole about her: hazel eyes with eye shadow giving her a nice round proportioned face, auburn hair, porcelain skin with a few freckles, a couple of ear piercings, no tats. Tits probably no more than a B, though the website says C, responsive little nips. Dressed in bra and thong plus sheer flesh-coloured stockings. Great slender figure, just enough to grab without worrying about hurting. Pics on MKE Twitter page on 13 July show exactly what she was wearing.

Kissing, OWO, RO, light fingering, protected sex, CIM. Probably not much kinkier than that, but does what she does very well.

The experience
The first couple of minutes after paperwork was dealt with were a little awkward as she is new to this and I am not especially one for taking the lead. However the situation soon warmed up as she lay on the bed and I stripped off and joined her. We began kissing, not especially deeply, but very genuinely. I soon got her bra off and began working on her tits which were not especially large but had great responsive nips. She began to gasp; I stepped up the pace.
Asking her whether she liked RO, she pleasingly said that she did and so I helped her out of her panties and began gently to lick her lovely shaved pussy and her clit. She tasted great and I was pleasantly surprised when she began gasping hard quite quickly, so much so that she might have cum.
Back to kissing again but this time, seeing as she was so responsive, with a stray finger I began to play with her clit again to enjoy more of her response. She may have cum once or even twice more, a huge turn on for me. More kissing too.
Seeing how turned on I had become, she offered OWO which I gratefully received. I could tell that she is a novice at this as it was not that deep and with a focus on the bell end, but very pleasurable nevertheless. I made sure I held her hair back so that I could see her at work.
Another brief kissing interlude followed before she asked whether I would like a condom on. I jumped at the chance and before long she was sitting on top of me cowgirl, as I was easing myself up and into her. A nice touch was that she commented that I had a big cock and had to apply some lube to accommodate it.
Cowgirl was performed reasonably gently, and I had a great view of her bobbing away. This was actually the position in which she came hardest, through not that much effort from me, and when she did she bent down much closer to allow kissing and grabbing.
Some missionary next with more gasps, perhaps another cum, from slightly harder thrusting from me though it was not really 'pounding' territory. She seemed to enjoy variation between gentle and slightly harder, faster strokes.
Another bout of cowgirl followed, with more kissing, though by this time she was quite spent, and I was softening, so no more cumming. Noticing this, Amber dismounted and offered more OWO, but first used hands to get me harder again. A lovely sight of a couple of soft hands gently working away on shaft and ballsack.
Just as I'd got hard again, a gentle knock on the door signalled time. There was no way that I could leave without shooting my load, so I suggested working myself to CIM. Amber kneeled as I wanked myself to the point where she could bend forward and receive my load. Again, although I was not taken deeply she still took my full load before discretely transferring to a tissue as I cleaned up, dressed and was soon on my way.

Fantastic body, attractive face. Interesting blend of enthusiasm and inexperience. Very polite, very pleasant, eager to please and be pleased. I particularly liked this punt because she came several times whilst I was exploring her tight young body. It's quite rare for the girl to cum, let alone many times, so it's a nice change to see a fit 19 year old gasping with pleasure repeatedly at the receiving end of my dick. Seeing as she is still new I am hoping that all of this was genuine and that she has not mastered faking.

At the moment you'll be unlikely to get a PSE or other frantic and filthy sex. The BJ wasn't especially deep either.
Slightly prompt finish. We'd started at 11.02, got carried away and there was the knock on the door at 11.30 sharp. Still time for CIM but no lingering goodbye. Presume the next punter arrived swiftly after.

All in all, I had a great punt. Vanilla yes, but the responsiveness was outstanding. I don't normally return to WGs, preferring to sample others, but I could well return to Amber in a few months, especially if she has honed some of her skills.

Link http://www.miltonkeynesescorts.com/escort-girl.php?girlid=840

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