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Author Topic: Scottish scene and legalities for a 'newbie'  (Read 1074 times)

First of all, I've spent the past 5 years visiting ladies in both Nevada and Germany/Holland.

I've started thinking about partaking at home but although I'm quite experienced, particularly from an US perspective, I'm completely new to the home scene. I've had a look around Escort Scotland but from what I can gather, ladies can be pretty hit and miss in terms of pictures, authenticity, etc.

So I have a few 'newbie' questions, and I hope you will indulge.

1) Legally, where are we honestly. I understand that it is an offence to 'solicit'. Does that include a man reaching out to a woman to meet? And, if so, what is the up to date situation on tolerance of authorities?

2) Where is the best place to look for company? ES doesn't seem that great to me if I'm honest.

3) Purely fantasy talk but, money being no consideration, what would be your ultimate Scottish punt at the moment?

Thanks guys

Offline DG

I'm no expert but from a legal point of view, you're right, soliciting is illegal, as is running a brothel, coercion, pimping etc. Arranging to meet a WG via an advertisement is not. Best site is Adultwork. There are various threads and Beginners Guides on here that you might want to read.

One area that causes concern is duos or visiting premises where more than one girl works. If you want a FFM threesome it's ok if you book both girls separately, but if either girl organises it, it strays into brothel keeping. Likewise, more than one girl working in the same premises, wherever they work independently or not, is technically a brothel.

As for the ultimate punt, probably best you have a look at the various Top 3/5 threads you'll find on the Scotland Board. As you can imagine opinion differs, but the same girls do tend to come up often in most lists.
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1 It is not illegal to pay a woman for sex in Scotland. The only way you as a customer could get into trouble is for the offence of soliciting aka kerb crawling. You would have to approach a stranger in the street for this to happen, not recommended for many obvious reasons least of all there are so many indoor options. Responding to an advert or approach is not illegal. Do not not worry about brothels (flats or saunas), it is only the staff and owners who would get into trouble.
2 Adultwork is the least worst option online. It  has a sort of feedback system which although reciprocal does at least allow punters to alert to thieves and scammers, other sites make money from charging girls to advertise therefore censor negative posts. If you post the number at the end of an adultwork profile in the search box above you may find reviews here (example: adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=/12345678). Avoid anyone with no feedback, not only are their services untested chances are they are not actually working at all. If you are in Edinburgh consider the brothels known as "saunas", usually a choice of 5-6 girls at the bigger ones, see information here and in the reviews (names often abbreviated to LSS, NTS BSS here).
3 How long is a piece of string?

Good luck and happy hunting.
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