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Author Topic: Anyone else?  (Read 609 times)

Has anyone else had a text off a middlesbrough WG today advising of her change in where she advertises?

Id messagesd her about a fortnight ago and got a reply a few hours layer (bad enough) saying sje had finished for the day

Im single but a text like i received today out the blue could put a lot of guys in a very difficult position

What the fuck is she thinking

Who's the WG?

And this is the very reason I own a separate SIM card specifically for punting.

Offline Looking4fun

She's not thinking mate, that's bad crack & you should name her to warn other punters what could happen

Offline gk2000

The same thing happened to me a few years ago from one of our most loved girls in the region. Happened a couple of times, luckily not for ages now... Its bad crack like...
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SIM card is the smart move but as im single its not really an issue for me

I cant understand if she is thick or just doesnt care

Offline doriangray

Yes, i got the message too, to my punting phone so no problem whatsoever
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