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Author Topic: Peneloppe Ferre Porn - Birmingham - Backtracking on what was agreed (caution)  (Read 442 times)

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Sorry guys - I accidentally posted this as a positive yesterday (and I cant live with that) so thought I has better post it again as a negative!

The fabled girl in question


Age - I'd 23 maybe not - more like 25 but still perfectly fine!
Face 9/10 - very attractive as you will have seen from her videos!
Body 9.5/10 - really wow - what a body
Attitude 0/10 - reall shame
Ability ? - Unknown, other than from her videos
Eagerness - unknown
Place 5/10 - well known standard Hotel on new street - bit of a ball-ache to walk to/parking was £3.80 for an hour

Ok guys - like many of your having seen the profile and the videos would have been tempted by this one and I'm an sure you would have had a good time as this seems to the the majority verdict but unfortunately for me my experience did not go so well so wanted to share.

Tried calling peneloppe and was sent a text, so fair enough and arranged booking via phone 90 minute or so before hand. Arranged 30 mins £80 and specifically asked about cum twice in 30 mins. Sure enough text came back and confirmed cum twice was permitted. I also asked her what she will be wearing for me, and she replies "it will be a nice surprise for you!" so I though ok...i'll go with that!

I make my way over and get there perfectly on time, get to room and she opens door in dressing gown and bare feet. I think for £80 HH at least make an effort to get dressed up for my arrival!?!?. (it was 1pm at this point so not too early)

She is polite though and smiles so I thought no big issue really and I'm mopre than happy to proceed at this point.  Ok so she invites me to sit so I sit in the chair next to the bed.
"so its £80 for 30 minutes right?" she nods and smiles.
"and cum twice is ok?" she shakes her head avidly and says once only.
I am like wtf "I just text you when I arranged to confirm cum twice" - she said "it's my friend, not me" what a load of BS I'm thinking at this point.
I showed her the text from her from 90 minutes earlier and she denied all responsibility and said wasn't having any of it. She was polite throughout but very firm and denied any responsibility or willingness to discuss. I said to her, "I usually pop within 5 minutes first time so need to cum twice", but she refused point blank and kept saying it wasn't her and it was her "friend".
I had driven 40 minutes and paid £3.80 to park plus 10 minute walk through bham city centre and was faced with this so as you can imagine - not very happy at all and walked.

If it is cum once, that is fine as long as that is what I had agreed and negotiated with her. Really poor customer service overall. She needs to manager her "sergei, friend, operator, call handler etc" better as I was properly not impressed. I often find that if this one issue was not true to what was being sold, then the rest of the service are likely to be shit too and with poor attitude..

Luckily for me, I had a plan be - Ashleigh Allen so this was a polar opposite in experience. See my other review!


28 review(s) found for peneloppe ferre porn linked to in above post (21 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

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