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Author Topic: Sophia Premium Hebburn/Shields  (Read 1385 times)

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Offline happy-jack


Right! Lets get this out of the way now. I'm aware that 3 reviews in a row I have declared a new 'favourite'. I've now come to the conclusion along with the help of an expert in both fields that escorts are like pizza to me, my favourite is the one I'm eating at the time.

Having said that......

Sophia is fucking quality! I have now seen her 4 times all half hour bookings done with no bother at all through June at Premium.

Sophia's stats on the site accurate. She is Scottish and has a great accent. She is very girl next door, really sex loose curls in her hair. Facially in my opinion and I don't say this lightly she's the prettiest lass I've seen in the business. Huge brown suggestive eyes, Lovely full lips that conceal the perfect smile. For want of a better term, She's lush! She has tattoos personally I like tattooed girls and hers are immaculately done, good enough to warrant their own review on a tattoo forum. Her body is a wonderland (couldn’t resist) and reminds me of the great TT but about 2 inches taller. Perky boobs, beautiful legs and a bum that has no earthly reason to be on a Caucasian lass, but it is! She also has a very nice pussy, a treat in RO. Sophia's high standard of hygiene has been unquestionable in all 4 bookings. I've described the latest one.


I arrived at the flat knocked and was promptly answered by Sophia wearing some silky white lingerie with stockings. Quick hello and then she led me to the bedroom. I pulled her to me and we kissed standing and groping for a while, she was very intimate during this the way she responds to you and the little glances she gives are ultimate GFE.....but don’t be fooled.

Onto the bed. Clothes jettisoned. This is where she excels. Her oral is fantastic going from deep throat and hands free face fucking to sensual sloppy blow job and changing back at any given time. RO is as stated above a treat and she's very responsive, brilliant unprompted dirty talk and even pins your face in position and just fucks it how she likes. Very enthusiastic and very sexy.

Moved into a 69 but it wasn’t long before the mac was out and Sophia took a seat. I couldn’t really call it cow girl because we did cow girl at one point but she really went through the catalogue of positions whit the girl on top, all expertly executed. Into doggy and I knew round one would draw to a close here, that view coupled with the sensation would turn Elton John and thus round one ended in the mac.

I fall to the bed realising if I'm to keep seeing her better cardio is needed and she snuggles straight up to me and starts playing with herself. A couple of deep breaths and I join in. After a raunchy mutual session of what I could only describe as “hands stuff” another mac is out and round 2 is in mish with her legs almost behind her head. I give her my best effort for a bit and then jump off. As if she read my mind Sophia lies back playing with her pussy asking me to come on her face, of course I obliged.

In summary this lass looks better and fucks better than any girl I've met so far and will take some beating.
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Offline Bjdude

I am seeing her tomorrow, cannot wait. She sounds prefect.
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Offline happy-jack

I've no doubt you'll have a good time! Nice when a girl can do gfe and pse equally well.
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Offline alenski

O.M.G. she sounds too good to be true.I will find out however in one hours time.wish me well.

Offline happy-jack

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Offline OscarC

Sounds good, thanks for review. Plan on seeing her when I return from hols, along with finding time to see Jada.  List keeps getting longer....

Offline toon972

I have Jada and Sophia on my list as well.

Offline alenski

Back home now and am pleased to confirm happy jacks blow by blow commentary is entirely accurate.She is very attractive ,warm and friendly  and extremely vigorousl in the sex department,highly recommended.

Offline chriss1985

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Offline Bjdude

This agency is currently as good as any have e er been in the region and I remember NG,Choice , Gemini etc. I have seen Jada, Victoria and Delilah and will be seeing Jessica and Sophia today. If those two are as good as the others I will have a time to remember.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (bjdude, chesterlad)

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