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Author Topic: ExclusiveVictoria - Southampton  (Read 892 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3625098 or https://www.adultwork.com/ExclusiveVictoria

Has anyone been to see Victoria?

A bit on the expensive side I know but ticks all of my boxes  :thumbsup:.

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Offline SteveW86

Haven't ever met her, but was speaking to her via seeking arrangement

Offline oring123

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I'd be tempted to add at least 10 years to her advertised age. The way her skin looks makes me think that

Offline Shots99

Photo attached is not the skin tightness of a 23 year old. Too lose around her neck and collar
Wish she'd be truthful, because if she is older she looks fantastic for that age - just not 23.

£200 for 30 mins with a girl who has 3 ratings, do me a favour.

This is what the biggest issue is with British WG's. Like football players they seem
To think they're the nuts and can be over priced for being British. What a joke. You can see top London girls for that kind of money...

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Maybe 23 is the age of her implants?

Online kamu

Ok so i toftt and gave her a go. Definitely 23 and an absolute stunner! The pictures dont do her no justice. Review to follow.

Offline Shots99

Worth the money? Struggle to see the value in her
Banning reason: Reported for sending threats of violence by PM

Online kamu

Ill give it to her she was good but £250 quid good im not so sure... Review is now up anyway:


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