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Author Topic: Melanie in Derby  (Read 2499 times)

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Offline superam

https://www.adultwork.com/3651663 or https://www.adultwork.com/Melanie%5F%5F%5Fxxx

After being on the punting shelf for a while now (injury) I decided to dip my toe back in the water  :D
Spotted Melanie profile afew days earlier but she only had the professional pictures showing so passed her over as I like to see the 'real' pictures and particular faces pics. Noticed she'd added some more on Sunday and liked what I saw so took the plunge and started the text proceedings. Now at this point I will warn you, her English is very very limited so she uses a translator on her phone (and/or flatmate) to reply to you so be patient.

The Meet.
Directed to a street in Derby (not far from Maya24 place) on edge of town centre. From there she will confirm you are on the road and then direct you around the corner to some Smart new build flats, with a block number on text. Gate always seems to be open with plenty of parking but can also park around corner on road no problem and walk around as I did.
At this point i'd suggest you confirm the flat number for her to buzz you in to save you that delay in waiting for it and hanging around a door outside looking abit sus as it's a court yard with plenty of over looking flats.

The Girl.
As with all new meets, the initial trepidation was there. Usual door open with her hiding behind but was relieved to see that it was the same girl as per her photo's. She was very smiley and friendly and ushered me into a smart spotless bedroom, Had the impression she wasn't alone and did hint at it but it soon became clear that her English was non existent. She has a very trim, fit body, very small tits (Mia size) but dressed in just bra n pants she looked banging to me  :cool:

The service.
I'd booked just 15mins £40 as per what I normally do when seeing a new girl and a could quite easily have upgraded that to 30mins £60 but decided to stick and see where it goes.
Asked for oral without both ways but wasn't interested in sex today (condom smell a no-no risk today) if you get my drift  :D
She was straight on me, no hour inspection of said cock, no clean up process, she just came across as an horny bird ready for abit of action NICE.
She was vigorous in her oral action and I realised that i'd only 15mins to fit things in so got her into 69 and enjoyed her delights as she apparently seemed to mine. 5 mins or so in I could easily have blown so flipped her on her back and let the fella recover while I enjoyed her at my own pace. She seemed to love this coupled with playing with her small nipples, she very soon started to shudder and yeah she'd shot her bolt before me  :yahoo: She looked up and said 'that was very nice'
My turn now, got in my fav position and she sucked me to completion, finished in mouth/on towel on bed and I though to myself that was a very enjoyable 15mins as it pissed down with rain outside and was planning another visit in the very near future.
Tried a quick chat but still no joy so asked her by text how long she was in Derby for and she confirmed until maybe next week.
It was the first time i'd been to this set of flats but it seems a change of girl/girls might be on a 2 week cycle and hopefully the service is as good (for me anyway)
Heard doors banging a little bit which led me to think she wasn't alone but the windows were open and it was very windy outside so could see it was the wind blowing the doors about.

In conclusion.
Very friendly, smilely girl, age could be right, maybe a couple of years older max. She says she Hungarian and i'd no reason to doubt that, maybe she'd had some tips off  Mia in ways to provide a good service. Cant vouch for how she reacts to penetration but can imagine she'd be fine AND i'm going back again this week sometime, for a longer session  :thumbsup: Fill yer boots.

1 review(s) found for Melanie___xxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She looks great, was gonna add her to the toftt thread the other day, no need now. Good to hear the Hungarians aren't such a risk service wise nowfrom recent reviews. For some reasons she's not showing in my new search, profile now showing in Nottingham.

btw is she a good kisser?

Offline superam

Afew little pecks tbh mate but again I didn't push that one.

Offline superam

Looks like she's gone to Notts already, must have been slow in Derby  :timeout:

Looks like she's gone to Notts already, must have been slow in Derby  :timeout:

Like the look of her - prettier than Mia.
Did you go back - need to know how she is in a longer punt and if she kisses before we dare suggest she may be another Mia/Maya

Offline superam

Yes I did try to go back, however got no response from the number I had since she moved to Notts and I noticed she hasn't logged in since 12/7. I'd suggest she's now working under a new profile but that seems abit pointless with this one being a good, genuine one where positive views can be left.

Had been looking for a local punt for this month, should have checked the review again first but just purchased her private gallery, almost all the pics are duplicates ffrom her free gallery and profile pics, still not logged on since 12/07

Offline Iloveoral

Great review and nice find matey:)

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