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Author Topic: Eye of the beholder - reading outcall  (Read 693 times)

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L is a girl next door kind of girl with very sub tendencies. She is as described on her aw page and has a great personality. She is fun and adventurous. Everything we did was with consent and with a safe word etc. In summary we had a whole load of mutual fun and exploration.


I had sent an AW email explaining what I wanted from the service. We had discussed this on the phone too. L has been on AW for a while, she doesn't have much feedback, no reviews on here etc. She is very part time with this and selective. Send her the right email that interests her and she will respond. She also rely on regulars so doesn't take too mount new people on.

Anyway, this is what happened....

I had a two room suite at a nice hotels, and when L arrived at the hotel she texted me to let me know she had arrived. I put the room on the latch and went to the living room area, shut the door and waited.

L came into the room and followed (almost) precisely the instructions as given. She put er bag down, and inspected the toys laid out on the table. Any that she didn't want to play with she put into a bag I had left on the floor of the room. She moved none of them. On the table was: steel collar and wrist restraints; anal beads; anal balloon; leather restraint set; whip and ball gag, pinwheel and poppers. She had brought her magic wand vibrator (well used from the state of the power cord - very sexy). I had also left some rope on the chair near the window.

L's next instructions was to go to the window, undress, put on the blindfold on the table and call me through. This was her error. The naughty girl had left on her bra, panties and heels. This required punishment!

She called me through.

L had left the net over the window in place, so I pulled it back. She was now stood in front of the window with the world going on outside perfectly capable of seeing her scantily dressed at the window.

I approach her from behind and removed her bra and panties. I stood behind her and breathed down her neck. The atmosphere was electric as I slowly started to run my heads over her sexy body. Every little movement gave her little shocks the anticipation of my next move was getting to her. I reached over to the rope and carefully tied a neat and precise chest harness and followed this by tying her hands behind her back. As I was doing this the cheeky minx tried to have a little fumble with my cock. This was out of bounds and required a little telling off.

Once tied I caressed her with my hands, the pinwheel and my tongue. I then got her wand, untangled the cord and plugged it in. I went knelt behind her and reaching around to her front started to use the wand on her pussy. From behind I could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I could take no more. I wanted with one hand and used my fingers on the other. Then as it became more intense I buried my head in her arse. After a while L was clearly enjoying this and was getting a little unsteady on her feet. I had prepared a bag with some poppers in it. These were administered and soon she was quivering and trying not to fall over. Luckily I steadied her and moved her to the bed where I moved between giving her oral and playing with her lovely nipples and titties and kissing and teasing her mouth. She was still blindfolded. She still hadn't seen me...

After a little more fun on the bed we moved to the living room. There was a reclining chair. I knelt her, still restrained into the chair facing backwards. We then played with some electrosex toys that I had in that room. We played with the violet wand and tens machine. I ended up using the tens machine, her wand, and a little more poppers to bring her to a massive and loud climax. I could take no move and put on the rubber and entered her tight pussy from behind. As I pounded I could feel the tens on my thighs.

We then moved into the bathroom with a VERY large dildo (Doc Johnson Dick Rambone) to see how she could do on that. By Christ she tried and did very well. All this given that she hadn't seen it (or me). So it was at this point where we did the big reveal. I took of her blindfold and released her hands. The passion increased like we were two old lovers that hadn't seen each other for years. We proceeded straight to the bed and fucked like teenagers.

Afterwards we had a little chat and moved to round two which involved more traditional GFE (albeit with me having a vibrating inflatable butt plug installed) and L sucked me off while administering poppers.

We then chatted loads about this, that and dungeons etc. l is very sub and she is also great GFE. I can highly recommend her.

Oh I nearly forgot... Trust. L is very trustworthy. As I said she came to my suite and I was in the other room. The first thing on the table was an envelope with her fee. She knew it would be there as that is what I had said in the original email. L could have easily walked in. Taken the envelope and fucked off. She didn't do this. Credit to her. I can't wait until next time!

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