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Author Topic: SexyLexiXX  (Read 888 times)

Offline Virilio

Hi I've been punting for a few years but new to this site. Has anyone seen SexyLexiXX? Thinking of meeting her.



No but i did try on a few occasions, her comms are terrible. I was actually on my way to meet her and she stopped answering her phone.

Offline Virilio

 That's good to know. Makes me wonder whether its worth it unless anyone else has had a different experience.

Offline Lsf

I posted a similar question a few days back as she looks right up my street  :P

I chatted with her on phone but I wasn't available when she was. She seemed quite honest and upfront but definitely did not sound South African as stated on her profile. She had a bit of a rough North East smokers accent. It put me off slightly but also made me slightly more intrigued as could be a dirty one.

I may have to TOFTT and try her this weekend.

Offline Virilio

I know what you mean. She is free when I am on Thursday so will see if I get to meet her.

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