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Author Topic: Amazing Victoria No.1 Leeds  (Read 1616 times)

52 review(s) for Amazing_Victoria_no1 (51 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Tricks



Made the booking more than 2 weeks before the meeting through AW booking system. Prompt confirmation with a request for me to confirm 24 hours before and again on the day. A sensible approach as I have no AW feedback.

Incall location:

5 minutes’ walk from Leeds station. Clean modern apartment with good shower facilities. Bottled water offered and accepted.


£110 for 1 hour


Victoria is about 5’5” tall. A firm and toned size 10/12 with natural C cup breasts. Age I would say is accurate at 26. She has a few small tattoos on her soft smooth skin and no noticeable birth marks. Hair is shoulder length, normally tied back in a small pony tail.

The Meeting: 06/07/2016

Victoria opened the door and looked glorious with her bright red lips and big wide smile, which were soon shoved against my mouth in a passionate DFK.

We moved into the bedroom and my trousers were soon round my ankles with Victoria on her knees sucking and playing vigorously with my cock. I asked her to hold on to my bum and pull herself further onto me so she could dictate the pace, which may have been a mistake. Actually on reflection it was inspired! She pulled me over to the cheval mirror so we could watch ourselves in action and boy was there action.

I thought my cock was going to break it was shoved that far down her throat in a relentless onslaught of gagging choking and tears (not mine). I’ve no idea how long it went on for but I got the impression Victoria would have done it for the full hour.

We moved onto the bed where I gave her some RO and rimming to our mutual delight. The only minor disappointment was when I tried to insert a finger; she said she was sore from a previous punter who had been too rough.

We fucked in a few different positions (don’t ask me what, I make them up as I go along) after which I collapsed and lay beside her for a short rest. Victoria was soon back on top of my now numb and battered cock with her mouth for round 2.

I came again in her mouth this time, but before we could kiss and have the snowball fight I was anticipating, she had swallowed it down. A few more kisses and cuddles on the bed before it was time to go.


Great PSE from an enthusiastic girl who enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.

I want to do it again

52 review(s) found for Amazing_Victoria_no1 linked to in above post (51 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline stevedave

Good review pal, thanks.

This section will soon be renamed the Amazing Victoria appreciation society  :D

Offline mrfishyfoo

Great review fella. :hi:

Glad you enjoyed her.  :drinks: :drinks:

She really is full on. :diablo: :diablo:

Offline mrfishyfoo

Good review pal, thanks.

This section will soon be renamed the Amazing Victoria appreciation society  :D

Ha !! Ha !! Seems to me like she is 110% full attack mode with everyone. Wish all WG's were as consistent as what she is.

Offline Tricks

We know what we have to do you two :hi:

I'm ready :D

She really :sarcastic: is at the top of her game....No pun intended

Another glowing review.I really do have to get my ass up there to see her,only be for 30mins though,I don't think I could survive an hour by the sounds of it.

Offline Tallboy2

Shes lovely
First punt i had was no fingers
Second time she wanted 2 fingers
I guess fingernails are a bit damaging if some selfish dude gets carried away. I am always extreemly careful and slow when first entering with fingers. I always chop the nails short and file them beforehand also.
And there you have it: my lesson on 'fingering'
Next week: lesson 2 Fisting

Offline Tricks

Yeah me too with the manicure. Make sure there are no sharp bits. But you can't do anything about who has gone before unfortunately.

I wait with baited anticipation for lesson 2

Offline Iblisuk

If I was every going to visit another Escort,  AV would be my 1st choice
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After this review i have booked for next week !!

Offline Tallboy2

After this review i have booked for next week !!
Enjoy Wolfie, shes a top girl

Offline mrfishyfoo

Enjoy Wolfie, shes a top girl

SD was right this section is turning into the AVNo1 appreciation society  :D :D

I am booked to see her in a couple of hours  :lol: :cool:

I'll let you know how it went, when I've recovered  :P

Nice review Tricks, thanks.

I have a few days off work this week and was hoping to get to see her. I should have taken your advice and booked earlier !! I have sent a message with a request to see her, so fingers crossed.

I can see that 5 minute walk from the station turning into a mile long queue at this rate lol.

Offline Tallboy2

I am booked to see her in a couple of hours  :lol: :cool:

I'll let you know how it went, when I've recovered  :P
You will never recover

Offline Ziltoid5150

You will never recover

Its 3 days since I saw her (review posted) and I haven't recovered. One hell of a lass
Banning reason: White-knight slagging off membership

Saw her yesterday-Fantastic !!! (Review to follow)

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