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Author Topic: Peterborough - Posh Girl Gone Bad (Kloe White)  (Read 2708 times)

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Offline macready

I met Kloe White (https://www.adultwork.com/3059876 or https://www.adultwork.com/PoshGirlGoneBad94) last Saturday afternoon.

I had an awesome, memorable time. You're not going to meet many better girls in any town, in any region.


30 mins, £90. Yes Kloe charges more than the standard £50-70 per half hour punt. Gents over the years I have wasted plenty of fifty quids on experiences which I could barely remember while driving away, let alone years afterwards. Kloe charges more, for a reason - IMHO, she is worth paying the premium.


Faultless. I rang, we spoke, she texted me her postcode and a nearby street name, and asked me to call when I was parked up. Her comms are bang-on, and you can tell by speaking to her that she is smart, eloquent and - yes - professional (but in a friendly way). Kloe is fully English.


Quiet part of Pboro near city centre. Parking a piece of cake, £1.10 on a street parking meter next to a park. Loads of spaces within a 20-second walk of her front door. Kloe's place is discreet, and I felt safe and comfortable.


That this was going to be good :-) Kloe was wearing what I asked for - the grey gym top and leggings in some of her free public photos. Nice! She is a very pretty girl with honey light brown skin, and a stunningly curvaceous body ... not stick thin, no sharp edges, but this is not a euphemism for 'who ate all the pies?' ... Kloe's got a great body, blessed with big tits, lovely booty, and a small waist in between. Suffice to say she looks great in gym gear, and even better in a tight red swimsuit (see below ;-) )

She greeted me in an open, friendly way, we chatted a little about AW, and we got along great from the first minute. I handed over the paperwork straight away, in time honoured fashion.


I'd asked for a little touchy-feely fashion show, and Kloe obliged beautifully. Hands and tongues everywhere, both ways. Started with her in gym gear, then she squeezed into the shiny red swimsuit you can see on her profile ... fuck it was horny.

She gives an awesome, deep cock sucking (w/o), I returned with copious pussy play and licking, rimming her beautiful little ass hole as she raised her legs, gently fingering as she moistened ... we just played with each other's bodies in the best kind of girlfriend sex. Kloe is the pretty girl next door with the killer body - did I mention those tits, that ass? - who WILL let you play with everything if you ask nicely :-)

Gents I did not even fuck her, I was really enjoying myself and eventually after much filthy, uninhibited play I finished over her big, beautiful tits.

Game over, one very happy punter :-)


Highly, highly recommended. Don't be a dick, be respectful and friendly, be clear about what you want to do, and you will not spend a better ninety quid on AW this year.

4 review(s) found for PoshGirlGoneBad94 linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline socks

Great review again mate, you paint a great picture for others to judge whather they want to meet a girl on. P'boro is an occasional location for me and she's gone on the possibles list, cheers! Pity about her limited filming offer though.
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Offline socks

oops clicked the wrong button!

Thanks for the review, she looks great and sounds like she's organised. Hot listed

Offline mf_1101

Good review, on the HL but my god her pictures are all upside down, what the fuck man!  :dash:

As per your bumped thread, overpriced, overly up herself, overpriced profile that has so many clauses in it you would be lucky to get a shag for £150. Can't be arsed to sort her photos out properly but can write a thesis on what you might not get for your dollar. She obviously thinks punters should be grateful.

Thanks for highlighting. One to be  filed under B, for bin.

Offline macready

Ah Badvicar, take a chill pill amigo. This conspiracy theory of yours ... why even write this rubbish? What on earth is the point? You haven't met her, so you have no idea what this person is like in real life, yet you feel the need to bad-mouth her for what reason exactly?

Damn it man, where's your generosity of spirit????

Your respect for someone trying to make an honest buck?

Your respect for someone who is obviously intelligent?

And you a man of the cloth ... shame on you ... :-) You truly are one bad vicar.

(and by the way, I paid the ninety quid for half an hour and we had an uninhibited time ... more than half an hour as it transpired ... not once did Kloe stop and reach for her price list ... )

See you over on the mysterious 'bumped review', where my fiendish plans to screw over the good citizens of UKP are taking shape nicely....

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