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Author Topic: Sexy soirée parties anyone been or going?  (Read 1983 times)

Offline Madone1

Just spotted this sorry in advance if it has already been covered but it looks promising with li so dawn and pixie little both on the bill.

Any party guys going?

https://www.adultwork.com/2973837 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+SOIR%C9E+PARTIES

I would personally go to phoenix parties and use the money I saved for other purpose.  If I'm really desperate to see the girls attending then I will wait for them at the private club or keep an eye on splat bukkake website. But that's just me being a cheap scape :sarcastic:

Offline seatiger

Hi all, girls look prett, but not cheap, went to private club before, but girls too old, went to another place which had fire, good ratio and around £120, but 220 for 2hrs, i think they ask for too much. Any other parties recommend? cant find any good one around. :manhater:

Offline Steely Dan

I would personally go to phoenix parties and use the money I saved for other purpose.
These are 220 for 2 1/2 hours.  So 175 for 2 hours.  So you save £15 going to TPC.

Ok assuming you only want a 2 hour party you save £60.  Journey to London, pissing about on the tube, lunch and a few pints not a lot left. TPC is a good value, sure, and if you like it, great, but hard to think cost is a big reason to avoid SS parties.

If reasons other than cost are really putting someone off then fine, but otherwise seems helpful to support a local party.

Offline seatiger

yes, agreed with you street dan, too far to travel to London, i rather support the local parties. Rather than private club, hows the girls quality in phenoix club? age?,i never been there before, any other local parties do you recommend?

Offline seatiger

Sorry Steely Dan, spelling mistake.

I did a sexy soirée party yesterday. It was a bit crowded (flat) but 2:1 ratio with 7 girls. I believe in the end only 12 guys turned up.

I had a great time and fuck, sucked, and was fucked and sucked loads during my session. Loads of fun!

It was certainly better than the April one I went too which in hindsight was a bit shit.

Offline fredhiggins

yes went to B'ham one in June and had a great time! Not cheap but it was great.

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