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    Author Topic: HoD - Just how does it work?  (Read 742 times)

    Offline DodeCode

    Ok, so I've been on a few independent punts now and feel that I'd like to go to something a little more 'organised'.  I'll apologise in advance for this question but it is also a first for me to use a parlour.

    Is it a simple case of giving them a call, explaining what I'm looking for and see what they can do for me?  Or just stating who I'd like to see and when?  I'm happy to give plenty notice if it means I'm getting the with girl at a trusted source with no nonsense services.  It helps that their rates are reasonable as well.

    Online vt

    Just because it's more 'organised' doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a better experience...as always it depends on the individual girl you meet, her attitude to her work and which side of the bed she got out that morning.

    Some reviewers have reported problems with HoD such as understated ages, clockwatching, time-cutting, back-to-back appointments and occasionally incorrect service lists. Having said that, they do have some reliable, nice girls who offer good service. Check out the reviews on here, also look at their places in Milton Keynes (Annabellas & MKEscorts) as some girls work at both.

    To book you need to look at the rota & gallery, choose who you would like to see when & for how long, then call up and arrange something. You then will be asked to confirm on the morning of your appointment to make sure both you and the girl are still available. Then you turn up at the address at or just before your start time. In the room, you may want to confirm some services and hand over payment and get down to some fun.

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    Offline raylondoner

    Agree with previous post and can say that I've been to HoD lots and have never had a problem. Naturally I cannot comment on all HoD girls but can guarantee that you will be delighted with Pixie 🙂

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