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Author Topic: Chinese Massage Old Lode Lane Solihull/Sheldon with Laura  (Read 1674 times)

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Offline Indigo


Product: Massage with HE. This review is from a couple of months ago and it was with Laura who I found easy going and good fun, good body and nice looking. Easy to arrange via text - I was her first of the day so we co-ordinated and arrived at the same time. Directions on their advert are spot on.

Place: Just off A45 towards Solihull. Good area. The venue is in a row of shops and there is another row of shops opposite so plenty of parking in front of both rows of shops or you can use one of the side roads. Bus stop right outside which might bother some. Excellent spacious room and facilities. Didn't use the shower - only used the toilet which was very high quality and perfectly clean.

Price: £40 for hour's massage plus £20 for HE

Massage Review: I asked for a hard massage (she offers a choice) but I'd been doing a lot of cycling so I needed it and it was fantastic. Kind of brutal and she used her forearms on my legs and really applied the pressure and they felt amazing for days afterwards - really excellent I thought. She continually checked if I wanted her to ease up or not but I think she sensed I needed a good work over and she got stuck in - getting on the table for more leverage when she needed to. She swapped her high heels for slippers during the massage which tickled me.

HE Review: Excellent. When I was getting undressed she was bent over her music asking what type of massage I wanted and her short skirt rode up so I could see her sexy pants - when she turned round it was clear what I had in mind and she said 20 for HE straight away which made us both laugh. About the 40 minute mark she'd just finished one leg and started a lovely sensuous teasing reach under which made me raise my hips to give her access - she got a load of warm oil and really got me going. I'm not sure if she intended to do it for a bit then do the other leg and ask me to turn over but I kind of naturally sat back as she was doing this so I ended up kneeling on the table in rock star guitar pose with her treating my cock and balls like a stratocaster. I blew a load right over the table which she cleaned up then she went back and finished the other leg. After seeing her pants earlier I thought maybe she'd allow some touching and whilst she was playing the guitar solo on my cock I put my hand on the top of her ass for balance. When I went to move it down she made it clear in a nice way for my hands not to stray - maybe she was engrossed with her chord changes and didn't want to lose her rhythm.

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