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Author Topic: Anyone seen her?  (Read 1146 times)

Offline Tom5334

Thinking about taking the plunge with this girl, cant find much outside of her AW profile?
Prices top end of what I pay but seems to have dropped them slightly. Doesn't like to show her tits off either, even in PG. Good communication so far and seems eager to please request wise.


Any info/reviews most welcome
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Offline tda666

I think she looks a bundle of fun and her feedback is excellent. Think she probably is a bit older than 25 but no matter. Only thing I would say is that boobs look like they have had the life sucked out of them so she probably has a kid but the rest of the body looks fantastic. I would go for it ;-)

Looks stunning. Very similar look to: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1640059

Not exactly twins, but some similarities. Anyway let me know how the punt goes if you see the girl in the OP.

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Offline paulkee

Just picked up on this thread and am totally impressed by both ladies mentioned... Have added to my to-do list, sooner rather than later I think, and will feedback once my mission is completed....

Offline Tom5334

You will probably beat me to it! I'm looking a couple of weeks yet, need a window of opportunity!!
Hope it all view well.
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Offline tda666

That new arse shot on her profile is fantastic. You can almost see what she ate for breakfast!

Offline paulkee

I fully intend to pay her a visit on Monday...

I seem to be getting more and more adventurous these days so whilst there, if she performs and delivers,  I might ask if she's up for a gangbang. Anyone provisionally interested PM me.

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