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Author Topic: Lacey sex kitten  (Read 1548 times)

Offline paulkee

Was wondering if anyone has any experience of this girl and if so would like to share their thoughts....


no experience, but those over inflated balloons look about to burst  :(

Offline paulkee

There's something bizarre about those massive melons on a skinny Asian bird and that's what's stoked my interest... Maybe I'll check her out someday.... Never all that confident if there's no face pic though.

Offline k

Her feedback looks genuine - she apparently has a regional English accent.

Offline paulkee

Yeah I chatted with her a few days back but timing was off so we didn't get together... She seemed pretty nice and has a sweet Lancashire accent.... Mix up that Northern lass sensibility with the frame and looks of a Thai girl and those ridiculous American porno boobs and I say that's an interesting prospect. Plus form her feedback she seems pretty 'game'....

Guess I'm thinking about the 'could have beens' and baking it for a possible future meet next time I'm in her area, hence my original post fishing for feedback....

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