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Author Topic: Chinese Massage Shop on Magdalene Street - Norwich  (Read 979 times)

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Offline Gerlack

After hearing good things, I decided to try out this joint on Magdalene Street on Tuesday for a 30 min massage.

Walked in and hit it lucky. A gorgeous Chinese woman in her mid 30s came out, lovingly proportioned with sizeable boobs and a peachy arse. She was made-up but not too heavily, and wore a blue dress which showed off her cleavage. Lovely.  :D

After getting undressed she entered the room. £25 charged for starters and she got to work. While it was lovely to have her stroking my legs, my back and my bum, the massage isn't really a massage, but it does calm you.

After a couple of minutes I asked for a body-to-body massage and I had to haggle. I had to spend £40 for the privilege which is more than I've paid in other places, but this girl was the hottest masseuse I've had so far.

In Magadalene Street they can alter the tables so you can sit up slightly. The woman took off her clothes and started rubbing herself sensually over me. I sucked graciously on her tits and felt her smooth round arse. She had lovely skin and was willing to please.

After that it was time for hand release. She was great at it, giving some dirty talk that was still believable. She did turn to look at the clock, but it was still great and she know just how to do it right. It was among the best hand jobs I've had so it didn't take me long to come! Afterwards we chatted for a few minutes. She Had a good sense of humour and a bubbly demeanour, which never goes amiss. She also mentioned that she does 69 too. I asked her about full sex, and although she doesn't do it she thought that some of the other women might - but I couldn't be certain.

Afterwards, I was ushered out of a side entrance which opens onto the alley next to the shop. So when exiting you wouldn't be seen walking out of the shop.

Although it a bit pricier than Bishops Bridge, the girl was worth every penny.

I'll definitely be back. Possibly for a full-hander or someone who gives full service.

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