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Author Topic: skalla club cabo roig spain  (Read 15759 times)

 :(anybody been to this infamous club near murcia !!! Have been twice and the girls were incredibl !!! Sadly it shut july 2012 dont know the reasons but ive fond memories of humping a cherl cole look a like for 50 euros for 45 mins !!! Birds were all nationalities and all model class

Offline lovingfacials

Is that the 'Sailor Bar' just up the way from Lineakers Bar................been there many anight and some stunnas for cheap as chips

No bud think ure thinking of somewhere else !!! There was no sailors or linekers when i was there !!! This place was on the cabo roig main strip and run by russians !!! Fanny was unreal

Offline tongueready

skala has closed but there are rumours that it will re-open but in a different site

last time i was there most of the girls are working in a new club not that far away from it, cannot remember its name but all my favourite girls from skala were there

driving back towards torrevieja its on the left hand side of the road  underneath a hotel, you can only access it from the other side of the road, i think its like 3 roundabouts away from skala

Offline DaveyP

50 for 45 minutes is very good considering that you get the sun and sand there as well. If you go during the summer periods I'm sure you can snag some British fanny as well :)

Im sure the new one just out side cabo roig is called casino  !!! Going back over in august and will defo be popping in just to be nosey !!! Last time i was in skalla i turned down the chance of a threesome with a couple of romanian cuties cos i was absolutley steaming drunk !!! Will be sober this time and the threesome is some thing ive never done !!!

Offline tomcat600

did enjoy my visit to skalla. about two years ago now though

 Going back to Cabo Roig in a couple of weeks....hopefully have something to report back with....

Just back from cabo roig . Very disappointed in the Casino club just up the road . 110 euros for 30  mins for very average looking girls....eh no chance .. Went back to main strip at Cabo roig and went to pussycats (small dingy place) got a blonde Romanian cutie for 70 euros ... Struck gold as i would give the girl ...8 for looks and 9 for service  very enjoyable... Even better news Skalla mark 2 is opening according to local taxi drivers just up the old one in October and the byilding is twice the size so this should be fun....lol

Offline ianvilla

This place was fantastic in its day, I've been there on 4 separate occasions and on each time the selection of girls was in the region of 50 - 70, girls of all types. I also had great service on each occasion. Two Russians, a local Spanish and a Hungarian.
Its great news that there are plans to re-open, it will give me something to look forward to when on holiday next time.

The new Skalla mark 2 looks huge ..... Hopefully filled with loads of tarts..... Cabo roig was very busy when i was over so hopefully it could do well. Avoid Casino club if u can not good.

I've been going there for years 5-6 in total and was sorry to see it close. I'm off back there this week where do you suggest I go? Is Skalla 2 now open and where is it? I thought about Nancy's over at Guadamar anyone been in there?

The new Skalla mark 2 looks huge ..... Hopefully filled with loads of tarts..... Cabo roig was very busy when i was over so hopefully it could do well. Avoid Casino club if u can not good.

Where is Skalla 2??

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

When i was over in cabo roig at the end of August i was told by a taxi driver that Skalla mark 2 was opening  in October. He pointed out  big building just 200 yards to the right of the old Skalla . It looked impressive and i hope he was telling the truth...i visited pussycats which is on the same side as skalla ...a small dingy place....70 euros for a quick shag ...not in the same league as Skalla but one or two cuties in there that are worth a dabble....casino club is about ten mins away in a taxi...3 roundabouts away ....i was drunk when i was in so sorry cant remember exact location ...taxi drivers will know lol..plenty of fanny there ....pricy at 110 euros for 30 mins...good luck...

Im also going back for 3 days at the end of October....so i will report any else that i find out..about skalla and other clubs ...

I went over 10 days ago and drove around near the old Skala but couldn't find anything thta looked like the new place, saw Pussycays didn't venture in. We went to Nancy's over at Guadamar which was OK. Dark inside & only a small choice of 8-10 girls, not in the same league as Skala. Bit cheaper at 60 euros for 30 mins. 1st girl I chose gave me a BBBJ which was most surprising but not the next :rolleyes:

When you go there next can you let me know if you find Skala 2

Hi, I've just come back from cabo roig, and great news, The New Skala has been open for 3weeks, great place all new building, free Entre, dance podium above the bar, 8 euros for a beer, the you make a deal with the gorgeous girls there, rooms are great, you won't be disappointed.
It's just up the road about 200meters, can't miss it, a great big sign outside, says NEW SKALA..... Enjoy!  :diablo:

Hello there.....this is great news...I was in cabo roig end of October ....start of November. .and I just missed the opening by a few weeks. The big neon sign had just been put up and it looked a very impressive building. I haven't been on this forum for a few months so I have just caught up with this thread.great news indeed.Really looking forward to next year when hopefully I will be back over to sample SKALLA 2...lol.(Also....must give credit to the local taxi ddrivers over there. ....every one that I got seemed to have been  a skalla regular...over the years and gave out good information regards to girls and other mongering places in the area. ...they were desperate to see Skalla reopening. .lol. All in all Cabo Roig....is a great little place to go over for a few days ....to eat ..drink ...relax...and more importantly FUCK......

Offline PuntingPete

Am I correct in thinking that the 2 Skallas are the old Estark Clubs?

Just moved here, trying to make discreet enquiries about the New Skalla without showing too much interest for obvious reasons.
Somebody over here said they were there recently and they paid 20euro in and 20euro for a drink!!!!
Not sure if he is full of it though, as he said he didn't bother with a punt, so if anyone has any up to date info it would be much appreciated.

Also, FYI, they just built a new footbridge from Cabo Roig strip to basically the front door of the New Skalla. Local rumours are that the club paid for it or at least made a large contribution, along with the obligatory backhanders.

That is good news about Skalla 2. Going over next month and looking forward to visiting with my mates(no pun intended) really missed the old Skalla bar. Will let u know my thoughts when I'm back

Offline tongueready

club skala new is now open and i would recommend not bothering going, way worse than the old place

looks nice and new, but that has to be paid somehow and its on the charges of drinks and visits to rooms, all prices gone up to 150euros, full of really pushy girls now and none rated more than 5, might be harsh but true.

only plus was beds were more comfortable than before

Offline Stanard

Skala is back...
20-25 girls
6/10-10/10 ...someting for everyone
Beer €8
Entry 10€ " tip "
30 mins. 70€
40 mins 85€
1.hr bizarrely 150€

Clean - modern and the longest footbridge in history ... So take your cash with you

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