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Author Topic: LAYLA_LUSH_BRITISH - Nottingham  (Read 2426 times)

2 review(s) for Lovelle_Hart (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline GolfNut

https://www.adultwork.com/2797160 or https://www.adultwork.com/LAYLA%5FLUSH%5FBRITISH

Been looking at this profile for quite a while, as she looks very nice, but has been inactive for a good while until recently when I noticed some activity. Fired off an email and Layla told me she was back in business, starting from July and so booked an hour at her Nottingham incall. Her profile is still being set up so some confusion over location. She works from both Nottingham and also Derby City Centres so can accommodate whichever is most convenient.

Her rate is quoted at £150 which I agree is steep but thought she looked appealing enough to give her a whirl.

Comms were spot on with some nice touches. Looked promising indeed.

Arrived at the location on time as usual only to find she had confused my booking time which meant a delay. I nearly aborted but agreed to come back later. Layla promised me a good time so I went with my initial gut feelings, also influenced by Diehard's very positive review of her last year.

Finally got up to the apartment and Layla slipped out from behind the door. A very pretty slim, mixed race beauty with long black hair and incredible green eyes and full lips. She's about 5'6" but wasn't in heels so was just about perfect for me height wise. She apologised for the earlier confusion and led me to the bedroom and after sorting the cash she came straight in for a deep kiss, when I realised she has a tongue piercing. Was going to put that to use pretty soon I thought to myself.

She was wearing a nice white body, so I had to reach down to her crotch to rip it open to reveal a natural bush. How rare these days. Slipped a digit in and she was already wet and warm. Went down on her on the bed and she really squirmed with pleasure. "You've definitely done that before" she whispered. "Nom Nom" I replied! :D

We both stripped off and she went down on my now rigid cock with majestic expertise. Took my golf nuts in her mouth, licked and sucked and dragged her piercing up and down the shaft which was rather good. No DT but good use of hands and mouth gave the desired pleasure.

Into 69 and she was writhing on my face every now and then sitting up and grinding on my mouth. She likes to get herself off while doing me at the same time. My kinda gal!

She then asked if I wanted her to ride my cock which got the affirmative. She covered me up and climbed on. Her cowgirl was amazing. She has great rhythm, grinding and bouncing, then lifted her legs up to start squatting and bouncing. She was extremely wet and came with a shudder. Into doggy and some pounding and arse slapping then into prone with some gentle kissing was extremely sensuous.

Rolled her into mish and she got her legs right up to allow maximum access as we both grinded on each other. This was properly good GFE with proper DFK. Diehard mentioned that she doesn't like hot and sweaty, but I found the opposite was true. We were both fairly sweaty in the heat of moment and I raised the tempo to bring us both off together with a final surge.

Rolled off, cleaned up and lay cuddling and chatting for at least 10 minutes. Again Diehard's clock watching didn't register, there was no clock in sight and when I asked we'd overran by a few minutes and she was in no rush to kick me out. We both dressed and left the apartment together as she was on her way out. Chatting as we walked to her car and I gave her a wave as she drove off.

So all in all Layla was a very positive experience for me, the best bits being her very pretty face and incredible green eyes; passionate kissing from the word go; great oral technique bolstered by a pierced tongue; excellent riding technique and very wet juicy pussy; incall location is not bad, with shower facilities, bed was a bit small but adequate rather than a king size which I prefer; she has a great booty, smallish tits but large responsive nipples; small waist and lovely soft skin with a couple of tats.

Possible issue might be her availability. She's only working a couple of days per week so get behind me in the queue chaps.

Layla is definitely one to watch.

GN :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

2 review(s) found for Lovelle_Hart linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Thanks - a few top girls popping up on the radar recently.  Great when you have £150 to spend but I could do with a few more "value" offerings as well.

However she is on the HL!!

Sounds like you had a great time. Do you think she's worth the above average rate? Is her verification photo a good representation?

Offline GolfNut

Sounds like you had a great time. Do you think she's worth the above average rate? Is her verification photo a good representation?

Yep had a great time thanks newinnotts83. Her face pic is spot on although I think she looks better in the flesh.

Value is a difficult one to quantify. She's definitely premium price wise but she was very good company and she definitely knew how to enjoy herself.

Actually got her price wrong. £150 is for outcall £140 is for incall if that makes any difference.

Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline token11

Sorry to bump this but this girl has changed her name and updated her pics if anyone has any updates on her it would be good ;)

Offline SaneOnes

Brilliant find. Cheers for the review!

Offline CoolTiger

Sorry to bump this but this girl has changed her name and updated her pics if anyone has any updates on her it would be good ;)

When I added her last year, she called herself Layla Rose.

Offline token11

CT she can call herself Hilary Clinto!n  as long as it's the girl in the pics is what matters :D

Offline CoolTiger

Strange.... Profile now gone!!

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