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Author Topic: Olivia Louise - Neath  (Read 1169 times)

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Online Redevil86

Looks ok, but she'll need a shave before I see her !

 :hi:Definitely, looks like she been growing it for a while!! :thumbsup: :cool:

Online Redevil86

Jokes aside , got it all going on on her likes list, slim and enjoys the sex, would like to know more.

Online Cheeseman

I may be wrong but i thought it might be Eliza H who has disappeared from AW recently. The pic looks a bit similar to her pics and the likes list is the same If so, I saw her once and she was very good.

Online Redevil86

She says she has worked in the industry before so she may well have had a previous profile / different name ?
« Last Edit: July 08, 2016, 04:54:23 PM by Redevil86 »

Looks like Eliza H wearing her blonde wig.

I had Eliza on my HL for ages, is this her and is she worth a visit? Anyone visited?

It is her, she has confirmed as much to me directly.

Very pretty, looks a bit like Cameron Diaz, very enthusiastic and responsive. Well worth seeing.

Superb cheers buddy - a visit is called for then! :)

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