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Author Topic: My AdultWork profile gone.  (Read 1063 times)

Offline Retaxus

Just tried logging in to my AW account which I've had for years. I got the message "No member was found with the Nickname and Password you supplied". I've tried several times with no success. So I looked at feedback I've left for a couple of escorts I've seen recently and on my feedback it says "member not active".

I've got lots of feedback on there,which is useful when booking, plus my "hotlist" so I'm a bit pee'd off. There doesn't seem to be a way of contacting anyone at AW for a speedy recovery.

Anyone else had this problem or can suggest a fix?

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How long since your previous login? I think AW deletes dormant accounts without warning.

Offline Retaxus

Thanks for the reply.

Within the last month.

Offline Loverat

Just on the off chance .....

Try "Reactivate me" on the log in page below the Turing letters.
Probably won't help but you never know.
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Offline raylondoner

Check your email, they would normally tell you why

Offline ickydicky

Check your email, they would normally tell you why

thats the email address you used to join aw with
Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

Online Marmalade

Assuming your loving O/H hasn't deleted it for you!  :cool:

They might also have deleted your account for being a bad boy, for instance, loads of aliases, and even logging on from a prossies computer can fuck you up there.

Any breach of the Terms of Service can result in profile removal. Type in 'deleted' on the AW help page search. https://www.adultwork.com/Help.asp

Your email account is no longer accepting emails.
When the site sends you an email and we have received a bounce-back from your ISP, because they are not accepting emails sent to your email address your account is automatically suspended. You may re-activate it by re-verifying your email address using the links on the Login Page. From there you may also change your registered email address in the event that you no longer have access to it.

Duplicate Profile
Members are allowed one offering services profile and one Seeking Services profile.  If they are part of a couple they are allowed a offering services couple profile too.
Should any member be found to have more than one profile it will be removed with the earliest registered profile left active - assuming this is not a repeat offence.

Your profile is a duplicate of another or a re-registration of one or someone that we have already declined membership to.
We don't believe your profile is genuine. Unfortunately the Site is targeted by those wishing to gain income by posting fake profiles with pictures taken off other Sites. 

Some profiles are deleted retrospectively
, so active and appearing on the Site but then removed for no apparent reason.  This could be because a new registration has been made that is connected with your account which has either supplied fake ID, identifies your profile as a potentially suspect in some other way (e.g. part of a group/collective but not in a group).

We received SMS 'STOP' Keyword from your mobile number.
This STOP keyword received will automatically deactivate accounts to ensure that the person who is in possession of that number has subscribed to this service.  If you have mistakenly sent this SMS to us, please contact us via the Help Centre so that we may reactivate your account.

Pay members, or incite payment, for services offered on this site outside the credits system. This pertains to Webcam and Phone Chat bookings.  We play no part in the payment for Escort bookings.

They also claim:

Profiles are never removed for "no reason" nor as a result of unsubstantiated member complaints. It will always be down to some direct or indirect action you have taken or the same by who ever created/manages your profile and perhaps others to which it is linked.

Any activity that goes against the AdultWork.com "Open and Honest" club-philosophy is likely to result in membership termination this includes any deceitful act, against the Site or it's members any falsified information provision  and any activity involving minors or non-consensual, be it roleplay or otherwise.

Best to go through all the possibilities. If no luck, you could always try emailing them, though they are not known for being as helpful as they used to be.

Good luck!  :hi:

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Online Marmalade

Natch if the OP were actually a prossie there are a million and one things that can get a profile deleted. Bye-bye credits  :kissgirl:  :D

Offline Ben4454

Prossie once told me a punter had 1,000 alises. He was caught In the end.
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