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Author Topic: Duo girls  (Read 861 times)

Morning all

I realise that I am not a regular poster on these forums.  However, I have taken to the mighty keyboard this morning to ask my fellow brethren of North East punters if you have any glowing recommendations of any girls who offer a duo service?

I have looked through reviews and see there are a couple on there, I was just wondering if there are any others you would strongly recommend.  Ideally looking for girls who have a well stocked toy box (you know what I mean guys, double dildo, strap-on etc  :) ).

So, don't be greedy and share the goodies  :D haha

Thanks for the help guys.

You will find everything you need by simply looking through the NE section and the review section - since you've already done this, I'm not sure how much more help you need :unknown:

Suggest you also join www.ukescorting.com


Offline Houdini

There are too many excellent duos to list here. Suggest you read through the reviews of NE.

Thank's for that guys, I will do just that.

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