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Author Topic: Lola Bell Earl's Court (sensual massage)  (Read 2400 times)

50 review(s) for Lola Bell (46 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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https://www.adultwork.com/1687693 or

Visited recently after reading some interesting reviews on the extras she offers: no FS available but I'd heard she dies a good line in the and tease which is an interest of mine. Thanks to Romney for some detailed info which persuaded me to book her.

Summary: outstanding sensual massage, naked oily body to body, tie and tease with some unusual features, and beautifully timed oily HJ, in good clean premises with a girl with a lovely attitude. £70 for 1 hour.

Comms: easy and straightforward. Called and didn't get through so texted (as advised on her profile) and for a quick response, appointment set up for following morning. Confirm as requested on the morning and got the postcode; called on arrival for the door number. No hassle and friendly and clear throughout. She has very good English.

Venue: basement flat a few mins from Earls Court. Spacious, clean and well-equipped. Excellent shower facilities and good quality clean towels. The room where the massage takes place is on the small side but it's on a profession massage table which is extremely comfortable.

The girl: Lola is facially very attractive and smiles a lot in a naughty girl-next-door way- suggestively sexy rather than porn star. Nice figure, just curvy enough, lovely natural breaats. Attitude was fantastic, friendly, welcoming, tactile and just makes you feel she is delighted to see you. My session needed a fair amount of discussion and nothing was too much trouble.

Services: sensual massage, body to body (with oil), blindfolded tie and tease (using S & M toys), oily HJ to finish.
I requested body to body and tie and tease with some BDSM elements for her to decide on-I wanted the element of surprise. I've done some fairly hard core BDSM and was prepared for anything but she was very careful to say "if I do anything you don't like, say and I'll stop immediately".
We started with a chat after I was offered a drink and a chocolate; when we'd established services I undressed and she took my clothes and hung them up, before offering a shower which I took. The bathroom is very clean and the shower (one of those with a huge shower head) is excellent. Large pile of fluffy clean towels available.
Sensual massage first: lots of stroking and gentle touching, some former strokes, touched balls and arse crack from early on, used her nails (gently) to great effect. Then she got some oil out and got fully naked, took a while to oil me up gradually and then followed a fantastic body to body, using her breasts and nipples at first and then her whole weight (not that she's heavy). Sliding up and down, writhing from side to side as well. I reached round to touch her a few times - thighs, arse, breasts, not pussy- and this was all well received.
Next stage was tie and tease, which we got to gradually. She came off and gave me a more "normal" sensual massage for a while with a few slaps to my arse thrown in, then asked me to turn over. After teasing my cock for a while she tied my hands above my head and ankles to the bottom of the table- some movement possible but not much! She arranged herself do I could fondle her breasts while tied, then put the blindfold on.
I'd been doubtful about the blindfold because I wanted to see her, but the cliche that it heightens other senses worked for me. I didn't know where the next stroke, slap or scratch was coming from. She played with my cock expertly and as the session wore on she would take me right to the edge and stop several times. She also used a flogger, alternately stroking the strands across my body and flogging (this wasn't painful, just intense, though I'm sure if I'd asked she would have upped the level); the big surprise for me was a sudden, intense sensation running across my thigh which I can only describe as like a kind of intense but very brief nail-scratch- this happened repeatedly, all over my body, unpredictably, and was one of those (for me) amazing BDSM moments when something is *almost* too much- right on the edge of being painful but you don't want it to stop. She checked that I was ok with it which I certainly was. She paid particular attention to my nipples. This went on for I guess about 10-15 minutes and all the while she was giving me an intermittent oily HJ, always stopping when I was about to pop. When I finally did it was very intense, the most intense I've had in a long time.
She helped me relax, untied me and made sure I was happy, cleaned up some of the oil and offered another shower, after which she handed me my clothes and helped me check I hadn't forgotten anything like keys, wallet etc.
At this point I remembered she hadn't asked for the money although we had confirmed the price at the beginning. So cash handed over, I made my way out. Said goodbye with a hug and a kiss (cheek only) and was on my way.

Thoroughly enjoyable experience with a delightful girl and I would definitely go again. Compared with other more expensive massages I've had it was excellent VFM and the location is in a different league to your average rub and tug dive.

My only reservation is that I would like there to have been more kissing on offer. I wasnt bothered about FS as that wasn't what I was after that day, but it's worth noting if you're comparing with massage places which do offer it.

50 review(s) found for Lola Bell linked to in above post (46 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Romney

Thanks for the review.  I reviewed her several months ago and my experience was similarly positive.  I think she offers very good VFM, and if/when I'm in the mood for a tie and tease without sex or OWO, she is definitelly at the top of my list.

Offline char45

Great review, have been meaning to see her and will just take your review and ask her to do that!

Offline Clickie

Thanks for the review. I would echo the positive reviews. Went for a B2B session a couple of weeks ago, and got tempted into a tie-and-tease taster. Made me comfortable with my new experiment. All three: B2B , Tie and tease and OW delivered very well. Cheerful personality with a naughty edge. Will go again.

Offline kaj314

Thanks for the review. I would echo the positive reviews. Went for a B2B session a couple of weeks ago, and got tempted into a tie-and-tease taster. Made me comfortable with my new experiment. All three: B2B , Tie and tease and OW delivered very well. Cheerful personality with a naughty edge. Will go again.

Wait, she does oral??? I saw it on her profile but assumed she didn't!

Out of curiosity, where the places where they do kissing and/or owo as mentioned in an earlier reply to the thread?

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