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Author Topic: Isabelle Lovelace Southampton - Not got much better based on previous reviews  (Read 882 times)

2 review(s) for Isabelle Lovelace (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline kamu

https://www.adultwork.com/2464233 or https://www.adultwork.com/Isabelle+Lovelace

NAME Isabelle (not real name)
AGE 22
PAID £200 for a 1 hour outcall
SERVICES DELIVERED OWO | CIM | RO | Protected Intercourse
POSITIVES  Very good looking | Young | Nice slim body | Responsive to RO
NEUTRALS No FK so not sure if this is available. For myself im not overly bothered about it
NEGATIVES Didnt seem to like being touched.

PRE-PUNT Initial contact was by AW message then text and call. Comms were great with no messing about.

LOOKS 9/10  Attractive slim brunette girl. Arrived in leggings and top but swiftly changed into stockings, heels and a black body with nipples exposed. Nice slim body. Tits not huge but big enough. Maybe about 32B. Small ass and nice shaved pussy. As pointed out before she does have a scar on her left side and some slight skin discolouration in places but nothing off putting.

SERVICE 7/10 Isabelle delivered most services with great enthusiasm as requested. We started with some RO to which she was very responsive. This was followed by a BJ which was very good. Then on with the hat for some cowgirl and doggy. The sex was good but opted to whip the hat off for a CIM mouth finish which she happily obliged. Now this meet would have been better had she allowed more touching of herself. When licking her nipples she kept pulling away saying it tickled. She also pulled away each time i tried sliding a finger in.

VERDICT She seemed a bit cold at first but did warm a lot as the booking went on and seemed we had a lot in common by the end after a good chat. However she did seem slightly immature and seems to be at a stage of her life where she is experimenting with drugs. Maybe trying to bury some issues in her past which may also explain the whole touching thing? It was a very difficult booking to explain. Great at times but something was missing. I almost want to give her a positive but the whole lack of touching thing as mentioned before was quite off putting. I dont think i would see her again as at £200 a pop she is very expensive for a service that felt like something was missing.

COMMENTS: If she got over the whole touching thing and lowered her rates she would be a 5 star punt. Lets hope she does but im not getting my hopes up  :lol:

2 review(s) found for Isabelle Lovelace linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline purple_t

Thanks for the review.
When you say she is at a stage where she is experimenting with drugs... do you mean in a party girl sense, or was there anything to suggest heroin or crack use (i.e track marks, or ruined teeth)?
I'm asking because I do want to see her, but not if she is a junkie. There is a big gulf between recreational drug use for fun, and addiction.

Offline kamu

At the moment i would say recreational whether that leads to addiction in the future though is still to be seen...

Is she basset way? Sure she got off my bus yesterday. Looked ridiculously hot.

Offline kamu

Is she basset way? Sure she got off my bus yesterday. Looked ridiculously hot.

Sholing/Woolston way I believe.

Offline oring123

why do some wg more so romanians have poor teeth  ?
drink drugs .cleaning ,food ?
Banning reason: Previously banned (306)

Offline purple_t

why do some wg more so romanians have poor teeth  ?
drink drugs .cleaning ,food ?

Cocaine-based drugs (crack especially) are very bad on the teeth. Heroin and other opiates can also ruin your teeth if you are not diligent about your hygiene as they cause dry-mouth, and you need the right amount of saliva to keep teeth and gums healthy. So, bad teeth is often a telltale sign of substance abuse.

Could be other reasons for bad teeth though, I know plenty of people with bad teeth who don't take any drugs.

Doesn't sound like Isabelle has a problem though according to the OP. Normal for a young girl like her to be experimenting with recreational drugs if she's into partying etc, it's not a red flag for me.

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