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Author Topic: CutestLucy - Angel, Islington  (Read 3141 times)

46 review(s) for CutestLucy (39 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Mendra

You know the sayings ... "Curiosity killed the cat" or "you should try everything at least once" So for those reasons i had to see Lucy.

https://www.adultwork.com/3329708 or https://www.adultwork.com/CutestLucy

So after a long wait to See Lucy approx 6 weeks. I think she must have felt a bit guilty about my txt stating that I had send txt, AW messages and called at least 2 a week. As I stated weeks ago I am a patient guy - like in the post office if you wait you will eventually get served. Lucy's list is long the the post office and the NHS together.

Dire. It's like choosing to send a letter by email or Royal Mail. Although when she got in touch She gave me a booking 5 days ahead. I want to fuck when I'm horny not when a WG is skint or has a dusty phone. I am sure it's neither for Lucy.

[bold]First things first. I have to say thanks for Benon21 the guy who enlighten us or discovered and made Lucy's first recommendation. [/bold]

I think she is overrated - I know  someone left a neutral review a few weeks ago and couldn't agree more with some of it. I think it all depends on the type of girl and sex you like. If you'd seen Ameera, Dee or Kitty the week before Then you won't be excited but if you are an HOD fan boy the Lucy may come across as the best thing ever.

I met Lucy at 4 star hotel near Angel.
 Standard room no agro at the reception I swaggered past like Don Johnson.

She opened the door wearing her signature short jeans pants and white top. She looks younger than her pictures at a closer look. Maybe 25-27yrs or so. She looks like an old Spanish GF I had from northern Spain  where she hails from she told me.

She kicked off with FK then an attempted DFK that was pants.

She offered me a shower which I accepted. There were towels but not a lot and I had to dig deep to find a small dry one. Felt like she'd had a least 2 punts already.

On my return, there was a bit of cuddling then she asked me to sit in the armchair where had my steak lunch FDT. Good girl know her job well.

Lucy is not a head turner not for me anyway. She looks nothing like Brazilian that everyone keeps going on about neither is here arse Brazilian once those jeans pants are off. She looks very Spanish with eyes like Salvador Dali and typical Spain hair like his wife Gala. She is about 5.4" won't call her fit not even like Jade Fox but she is all woman and ready to please. Nice arse but seen and much fucked better. Some stretch marks on her tits but nothing to worry about. Very responsive and bullet like nipples. She tried to her her bra for some time but not for long.

She sat on the chair with her head hanging downwards while begging for a DT I didn't refuse. I dunked like a KFC drum stick while her eyes were popping out. She loves to rim which don't mind. Must say she did that with pleasure tongue deep and all.

Lots of sex, OWO, sloppy and wet, she loved to be a bit submissive, hold her arms on her back, hair pulled, checks mildly smacked with mouth full of steak. Fingering herself at the time. Award wishing Anal but I will stick with Maggie21 in this dept. Anal did not last long for the obvious reasons. Bless her cotton socks at least she gave it a go unlike England last week. Really deep Mish, doggie where she did all the work - while I knelt there looking at the time. Scissors and spoon, then to the carpet, wall face to face fucking, triple fingered till she gushed then go her to kneel on the floor unloaded on her face and mouth.

I praised her service and said thank you. We he some chit chat on Spanish, slapped her arse a few times. She was quite paranoid about working in an hotel. So tipped toed me to the door. Had my had in her pussy all the way.. Told I want to fuck so more which I don't think she would have minded. Washed my hands one last time. And exited 1hr on the nose. Not a clock watcher but not someone I would spend more than an hour with all the same. That said we did click well and fucked the hell out of each other. Lol. At least I make her sweat her jumped off my cock at one point just to turned the AC up - that's what you call fucking your money's worth!

1hr @ £150 punt should be £130 at the most - since I don't get the anal other have been offered inclusive.

I am giving Lucy a positive because of the following.
1. She is a lovely welcoming girl
2. Eager to please
3. I left with smile on my face

Will revisit yes but no sure I'll  be joining her fan club. Although she sent me a text saying "I'd love to see you again if possible" question is does that mean me, my money or my cock. Jury is out.

Do I recommend? Certainly without a doubt 

PS On my way back to the ranch I spotted English Isabelle by her voice of course. I walked slow behind her and a friend admiring her arse. It's Thursday and she's not at the place with the golden lifts in Tower Hill. You would have guessed she a WG.

46 review(s) found for CutestLucy linked to in above post (39 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline nomad88

thanks for the balanced review.
she's now taking bookings in a hotel? her previous neighbours must have kicked her out for good then...
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (sweepy, nomad88) used to talk to himself

Offline Ozy84

Yes i saw her in the hotel. Not ideal and a first for me. Would prefer not to do it again. No handwash towels etc

Offline lkiu6433

Excellent review fair and balanced detailing all the good points as well as bad points within a punt even if it's an overall positive. UKP has a reputation for being harsh or overly critical of prossies but when you look carefully at the positive reviews on this forum very few are actually as honest and balanced as this one and most to me read like thank you letters. Can't tell you the amount of times I've read a positive review where the reviewer signs off with "negatives none at all (?!) maybe the cost or I should have booked longer." Keep it up.
Banning reason: Making threats

mouth full of steak.

Cringe  :vomit:

Offline ciscoxxx69

Cringe  :vomit:

Up there with....
'she took hold of my manhood.....'
'Treat her well......'

Deffo wanna see Cutest Lucy though....
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Yes i saw her in the hotel. Not ideal and a first for me. Would prefer not to do it again. No handwash towels etc
No handwash or towels in a hotel? She must be packing them in

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