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Author Topic: Jasmin_Massage Oily Massage with HE, Maidenhead  (Read 1066 times)

5 review(s) for Jasmin_Massage (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

My first review on here.  I am working my way through some of the recommendations, haven't posted on them as they are very accurately covered already.  Thank you all for some very memorable experiences  :drinks:
I fancied a simple oily massage in Maidenhead as I was passing through and checked out Jasmin.  She been sitting in my list for a while due to the tantalising photos


There have been previous negative reviews and I can see why.  In summary there were lots of niggles and some of these would rightly put a lot off her, but I got on well with her and the experience was good as she knew how to use her hands and had a very sensitive touch.

Comms= NOT GREAT as didn't honour my time slot:   I booked 2 hours in advance by txt.  She sent a text back with her list of services, and prices, but really this is a confusing mess, as wtf is the difference between sensual and tantric, and really my tie and tease I would describe as a slight teasing tantric. but when I was 5 mins away I contacted her and she said as I hadn't replied to her text message an hour earlier she had booked another over my slot, so I had to wait.  I happened to be running late myself, and in a patient mood, so ended up waiting 15 mins.  This was likely due to it being a first session and me not replying to her confirmation request, annoying.

LOCATION:  GOOD:  Definitely one of the better nice clean apartments, above the sainsburys in the centre of Maidenhead, good shower.   (although the lift didn't work and had to walk up 2 flights of stairs), and it has one of those annoying intercoms that shouts out the number you are pressing into the dialler - always puts me on edge.

LOOKS:  Not as important given the nature of the service, but she is definitely older than her photos, but I definitely would've given her the full service with much enthusiasm

Services= Expect her to use her hands only with plenty of warm oil and you won't be disappointed.  There is body 2 body, but that is not her forte, although she should work on it as her tits and nipples are the right size to be used as weapons.  Mercifully she didn't do the B2B for too long as her pube stubble was totally off putting.

Price= OVERPRiCED.  I went for the £120 tie and tease, and I think this is where she tries her best, and given that she restricts herself to very vanilla style oily hand massage, there isn't much to pare the experience down.  If she really does back only for the £80 then I would be sorely disappointed.  Also the b2B is underpar - should definitely laser the hairs off for this service.

SO WHY IS THIS NEUTRAL NOT NEGATIVE:  If you are a fan of an oily gentle touch then she is among the more skilled in this field,  i believe that there is some professional massage training, and she was able to maintain a sensitive responsive touch for the whole hour.  She was attentive to my response and knew when to slow down which is unusual and key for me.  Often in B2B oily massages there is a certain robotic manner, particularly when they want to finish and the tugging begins, but also throughout.  She was able to maintain a gentle tease, which allowed the intensity to build continuously over the hour.   She used plenty of oil and there was a good shower which is also important and often compromised. If you aren't a fan of teasing then she may not be for you.  She missed out my feet, which is a crime in this sort of massage, and should do this without prompting. 

ATTITUDE:  I got on with her well, but she is a proud girl, and if you are not to her liking then I get the feeling that she will not try so hard, so she lacks the professionalism here - given her limited range of services.   

WOULD I RETURN:  If I was in the area and was feeling flush and in the mood for that sort of thing, but will definitely be on the hunt for better.

5 review(s) found for Jasmin_Massage linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Uoti2

Excellent review! Informative and very well-written. Thanks for posting!

My first review on here.
It is?! Strewth! You're a natural. More, please.

I am working my way through some of the recommendations, haven't posted on them as they are very accurately covered already.
Post them anyway. Especially the negative ones.

Thanks.  the review is a little overkill, but I feel I owe the forum something back after a wonderful experience with Alexandra in Acton who I descovered here .   I'll add those reviews just to confirm continued performance.
I've been punting blind for years through AW,  and only discovered this site recently after a WG told me to check it out

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