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Offline M8gic

Hi all

I'm leaving a negative review on a WG that I have not actually seen, however the circumstances up to this point have led me to it.

Since last week I have tried numerous times (possibly 10 calls over the days) to book her but her phone just rings out, I call just before her scheduled start time so she should not be with any clients.

Ok she don't pick up the phone so no big deal, however the bit that iffuriates me is she usually sends a text late evening or the next morning stating her availability and what time she is working from and to call her after 13:30 to book, she even signs if off as Ameera. I hate it when a WG sends text messages to my phone as I have not asked for a text and also the wrong person can see this text.

Y'day morning she sent me one of these text stating she is working and to call after 13:30 to book, I replied back straight away stating I have tried numerous times and don't get an answer, she claims she was busy (what most days over the past week).

Anyways I called her at 13:30 as per text and suprise suprise no answer, I then followed this up with a text to her telling her NOT to send me a text with her availability as clearly she is a timewaster.

I'm highlighting this WG as some people might make the trip to see her then she won't pick up the phone resulting in wasting their time. For the actual service she may be A+ but I have not made it that far yet.


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2 review(s) found for AMEERA INDIAN ESCORT linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline M8gic

Also her profile states she provides anal which is rare in Indian girls so that was another reason I wanted to book her.

Offline P.O.G

Have tried myself to book her and it seems her communication is terrible. I'm still going to try, maybe I'll get lucky, but she's just very elusive.

Offline M8gic

That is the thing, you may get through her initially and co firm booking etc then head to the area, once you are there I have a strong feeling she will not pick up the phone again.

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