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Author Topic: Selina/Jenny (Berwick Street)  (Read 939 times)

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Location: 70a Berwick Street

Comms: No booking/appointment. Open doorway with stairs, "models" are on 1st and 2nd floors. Apparently, Tuesday to Thursday in either Berwick St, 2 Lisle St, or Romilly St. Known to cover for girls on other days.

More Info: https://fscotsman.wordpress.com/soho-walk-ups/
Soho walkup thread: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=25017

Services: Sex, BJ, foreplay, toy show (price menu also offers watersports, uniforms, and dom but says that there will be no french kissing or OWO). Full strip costs extra.

Price: £80 for 30 mins (with extras) + required £2 tip for maid

I knocked on the door and was let straight in. Selina (aka Jenny) showed me the price menu and was polite and easy to get along with. After sorting out the services/money, we started with lots of foreplay and she gave a decent show with a vibrator. With the punt starting off well, we got onto BJ and then sex. Not much more to say about this punt as I finished quite soon into the sex and we talked a little bit to get into the mood.

As for looks, Selina/Jenny is late 20s, EE with dark red hair and glasses, and has nice small/medium tits.

 - Overall good service with no clock watching / rushing
 - Quite chatty and friendly throughout the punt
 - If she's at Berwick Street at least, offers more services

 - Charges extra to get fully naked
 - More expensive than other walkups (like Greek Street)
 - Unpredictable where she works, on which days

My overall score: 78%
Would I see her again: yes

Offline dembo200

is this blonde selina? has she dyed her hair ? glasses ?

My overall score: 78% :unknown:

is this blonde selina? has she dyed her hair ? glasses ?

I think there's another Selina working in Soho. The Selina I'm talking about is mentioned here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=25017.2850 about halfway down. She calls herself Jenny at Berwick Street. I've only seen her once so far.

My overall score: 78% :unknown:

This is based on what I thought of the punt but since my expectations and sense of value for money has slowly changed as I've punted more, I don't think I'll put scores/ratings on future reviews. What one punters likes, another punter thinks meh and vice-versa / etc.

I have fucked her a few times and found she is quite submissive and if she likes you is good vfm for soho and will throw in a few extras like fk

Despite there is absolutely no way I would spend that much on a punt in a walk up environment ,strictly a pump and dump option for me

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