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Author Topic: Nicolestar  (Read 2071 times)

Can vouch from a couple of weeks ago that these latest pics are definately accurate. Very slim waist,  with defined hips and bum and barely an ounce of fat on her. Surprisingly long legs as well  :thumbsup:

Offline zulu-lance

Must be a different girl. Reviews certainly suggest Nicolestar is pretty fit. In that middle profile pic on the new profile, you can see (as a reviewer suggested) she's got a tiny waist. But not having seen I can't exactly be definitive! Gentlemen who have, ideally recently (zulu-lance I'm looking at you!), over to you...

Yes, I am sure that her profile pic is pretty accurate, can also add it's from the current place (assuming she hasn't moved out) she works from (TV connected to tablet)  ;)

Offline SlickyD

Wow that xhamster pics only make me want to see her more!

Offline JimmRed

black hair ATM not blonde, slightly bigger lips as well, but as you see on Hamster. Likes to be led, told what you want.

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