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Author Topic: Cornwall TR26 in/out call  (Read 912 times)

I'll be visiting for work in a few weeks but my investigations on here and AW have been relatively unsuccessful. Many of the excellent ladies mentioned appear to have retired or relocated. For the more promising ones feedback is pretty limited so I'm a bit stuck.

Am I missing anyone ? Should I even bother ?

Ideally looking for someone in St Ives area for incall or able to outcall.  Not overly fussy on type, size, look etc but OWO, CIM, RO, Facials definitely a bonus. Most important factor is trusted reviews & consistently good service.

https://www.adultwork.com/2530879 Mixed Race Princess.   Looks perfect but v mixed reviews
https://www.adultwork.com/3123156 Juicy Jess - v promising but no reviews on here
https://www.adultwork.com/1141543 NaughtyNaughtyLola - lots of AW reviews but nothing on here
https://www.adultwork.com/2530879 Neesha /Shakti Om. Looks great but Truro is a bit of a trek

Are there any parlours in the area ?
Tempted to try a reverse booking as well - anyone had success with these in the area ?


1 review(s) found for juicyjessxxxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cornish sub

Truro from St Ives a bit of a trek??? Hardly opposite ends of the country. Not even opposite ends of the county, maybe about half an hour by train.

Truro from St Ives a bit of a trek??? Hardly opposite ends of the country. Not even opposite ends of the county, maybe about half an hour by train.

That's good to know. I was told by a friend it was a headache but I'll trust your advice as they weren't local !

Offline Cornish sub

Well surely if you live in/near St Ives you'd know how far away Truro is?

I don't live anywhere near Cornwall. Visiting for work and will have spare time on my hands.  Apologies for any crossed wires

Offline Cornish sub

Ah, right, that wasn't clear from reading your op. Edit: Have just re-read your op and it does indeed state you're visiting for work, so my bad and my sincerest apologies.
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No worries.  Given logistics I'll be looking anywhere within 30 minute commute by public transport. Any stars or parlours this would cover ?

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Sorry, I don't know of any parlours down here, and the AW escorts I visit tend to be a bit further afield, such as Plymouth. Can only suggest you do an AW search for local escorts. Maybe someone else on here might know a bit more though.

Thanks. Am doing a wider AW search and will cross check on here. All reccomendations from others greatly appreciated. 

Offline Belisknor

I live in the area your talking about and I'm afraid it's slim pickings regarding quality working girls. Have been tempted by juicyjessxxxx as her feedback on adultwork is good but lack of decent pictures lets her down for me at least, apart from her there's a vast amount of Romanians visiting Newquay regularly along with Brazilian lady's but most have little or know feedback and probably best avoided.

 As for shakti_om if you enter her number on here which is this 2709938 it does come up with some details on said lady some good some bad. I always end up in Devon or Dorset when punting as Cornwall is seriously lacking in that department.
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Saw Neesha last year, good punt. She carries a bit of spare weight and is heavily tattooed which might not be to some peoples taste.

Neesha is fat, mixed race princess is very very fat, Lola is worth avoiding and Jess is ok.
Currently cornwall is shocking nothing worth doing, just loads of EE girls.

Though milf mum in truro is s right little goer, she isn't that pretty.

Depressing - but good for my bank balance

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