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Author Topic: Sophie of GEA  (Read 932 times)

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Offline Budgie


Sophie is a pretty girl with long blonde hair and fantastic tits, big without being flabby.

Started off with some light kissing which led to FK and the start of a handjob while I began some fingering. Then she moved down for some OWO which included plenty of tongue flicking on the head and licking of the shaft and sack and some great deepthroat action which had me holding her head while I filled her mouth while she gagged. As I let go I was expecting her to pull back but her mouth never left my Boaby. She swallowed every drop but still spent a few minutes sucking and licking me clean.

We then lay back and she started to kiss me but as she hadn't popped to the bathroom to gargle I wasn't too keen so just let her kiss my chest. Then she instigated round 2 which started with another BJ but this time it was on with the jacket for some cowgirl and doggy. Unfortunately round 1 had lasted a while so there wasn't enough time for me to finish so I had to wait till I was home for some self abuse!

A fantastic BJ experience. My only "complaint" with Sophie is that there was a slight smell of fags from her breath.

Profile says age is 26. Is that roughly accurate?

Offline Budgie

I'd say she was around the mid 20s

Online zag69

I seen her last year just before Christmas and I agree she is good.

Offline ickydicky

love a hoor who takes the full load and swallows and then licks you clean :thumbsup:
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