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Author Topic: Alinne-Love Edinburgh  (Read 1964 times)

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Offline daviebond

https://www.adultwork.com/3437594 or https://www.adultwork.com/ALINNE%2DLOVE

Booked her on the strength of a previous review and also her photos look cracking.
Texted her in the morning only to be told that she was just at the airport and not in Edinburgh yet so booked her for 3pm. Got a text later saying that she had just got in to the house round the corner from the Commie Pool so could we make it 4pm instead. that wasnt a problem for me. Got there a few mins before 4 and getting to her flat wasnt a problem. Her "friend" answered the door as Alinne was still in the shower but she was in the room with me within 5mins.
Well gents, all I have to say is that the photos are definately NOT photoshopped. She is that hot. And very very enthusiastic. She wasnt up for anal either that or she didnt understand what I was asking as she doesnt seem to speak a word of english.(Her "friend" does so its obvious that it was her that I was texting).
Anyway within a few secounds of me giving her the cash for 1hr she had my cock in her mouth giving me a fantastic sloppy blowjob. After about 10mins wwe swapped places and her pussy tastes great. On with the raincoat for cowgirl then doggy till I came in her.
After we cleaned up a wee bit she popped out for a min and came back with some lotion for a massage, which was good with some ball tickling then round 2.
Started with a bit of mutual wanking each other, DFK and nipple sucking and teasing. More cowgirl followed more cock sucking with her finger up my ass this time but it seemed my wee man didnt want to spit out this time and eventually had to stop cause it was starting to hurt thanks to the hard fucking and wanking.
Dont know how long shes staying this time but Im definately going to go and see her again and fuck my bank balance  :lol:

6 review(s) found for ALINNE-LOVE linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline daviebond

Woops forgot to say that I left 1hr 20mins after I entered the flat so no clock watching AFAIK

She is total quality. And the prostate massage trick got me to come twice in the hour; an achievement for an old guy.
Although she advertises anal, she did'nt deliver. I got a huge, long explanation why; I gather she thinks 'anal' and 'anal play' is the same thing. Hmmm...anyway, bottom line is (sorry about that) she doesn't take it up the Hershey Highway.
Still, her good points are so good that I'm booked for yet another visit. Her pal, Stella, the Argentinian, is even better in my opinion. She's not around at present.
Oh, and did I mention; she's a stunner. Face and body.

Do you believe she takes the load inside her mouth as her profile suggests?

Offline daviebond

Well last time for pop 2 she said (in very broken english) that she wanted it in her mouth but unfortunately pop 2 just wasnt happening for me that day :(

She looks gorgeous ..... Wonder if she has plans for Glasgow?

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