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Author Topic: Where are they now? - Most missed WGs  (Read 23764 times)

I posted on another thread about two girls that used to work in the West Berkshire area; Sensual Susannah - a slim, busty 30 something who was wonderful and Lush Gusher who occasionally worked out the De Vere at Wokefield Park, a curvy, sexy Anglo-Latina who,as the name suggested, was somewhat prodigious in the female ejaculation realms. Both disappeare from Aw never to return around 4 and 2 years ago respectively.

Offline jake_6969

Trinity in Lincoln, a right pocket rocket. She was only on the scene for a few months and then disappeared, shame as she had a right dirty streak.

Lolly Badcock

Never punted with her, but I know she used to escort, and for the reason that I missed out on that, I am absolutely gutted !!
Did she really punt.......if so i am gutted as well!

Offline pking_paul

Bristol girl called Kirsty McLean - she was bright as a button and one of the slim matures that could not only hold down a decent conversation, but hold my old man down her throat a while as well  :dance:

Offline Cabbots

Years ago, a really cute, sexy, horny British girl (19/20 years old) at 00-44.com who used the name Rebekah / Rebekkah.  Seriously good fuck she was - did her bent over on the balcony watching the Greenwich river boats sail by... best overnight I've ever had and i look back to it fondly  :wackogirl:

Offline temmop

Birmingham based girl, just off of Broad Street. Name was Nikki Parker. Tall, gorgeous and an incredible fuck. Too bad she disappeared one day :(

When I first started in Leicester I met a young lady called Corrin at Midland Belles.  She was lovely...

Diana Carpenter New Oscott ?? Charlotte Class In A Basque Granville St ?? Rachael Kegworth ??

There was a brunette girl called Sonia in Canary Wharf about three years ago. Then she moved a bit more towards Tower Hamlets for a while, then vanished.

I think she was Polish. Nice girl, good personality, hot as fuck, good services, all the boxes ticked. Anyway, one of the best (well, three of the best) punts that I have ever had. Was gutted when she just disappeared to be honest.

Have to say this young lady was an absolute must in the Lightwater area of Surrey. Not around long enough.
Would love to TOFTT again and then submit a well deserved FR
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Offline johnnyboy61

Birmingham based girl, just off of Broad Street. Name was Nikki Parker. Tall, gorgeous and an incredible fuck. Too bad she disappeared one day :(
Was she part of the Hungarian Divas Group? I saw a fantastic girl there who would rub herself off as you fucked her because she said she couldn't orgasm through penetration alone. Unfortunately she went back to finish off college and never returned. Said she might come back as an independent and even gave me her private mobile number. I've texted it since, but no response and haven't bothered to ring, partly because it would wipe all the credit off my punting phone and more to phone a Hungarian mobile number, and partly because as she hadn't responded to my texts I guess she's called it a day.

There is quite a high turnover at Divas. They don't have to bother about the accommodation, advertising and comms as this is all handled for them, tend to work two weeks on and two weeks off, make the money they need and then go back home to pick up their lives. Paris Lamour is one of the longest standing of them.
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I'm too young to have seen Sandie Caine - wish she was still about though.

 Sandie if you ever read this, please come out of retirement.  :drinks:

Offline Malvolio

Pixie from House of Divine was a cracker - still the only prossie I've met who asked for the cash at the end of the punt.

Offline nike

I could list Alexa F, plus several students, including a beautiful blonde American music student whose name escapes me (one of the other Edinburgh people on here might remember - worked out a luxury flat near Leith Links with another young prossie - also a student who worked one day only from the same flat - both of them an absolute dream).

But I don't believe in getting sentimental over prossies. Look with fondness on the service they provided, but happy for them in their 'moved on' circumstances and careers.
+ 1
Agree with you totally marmalade.
The one I'm going to name is Mona, worked in NTS Edinburgh. She gave really good service.

One of my all time favourites was Hazel of Notorious Girls in the North East I had some cracking punts with her and lost touch when the agency got closed. There was a huge court case the owner Neil Locke was jailed for 4 years one of the WGs got time for doing unauthorised PNC checks she was a WPC from Sunderland.  Hazel was just an ordinary lass moonlighting to earn a few quid ao I think she got the fright of her life when all this kicked offand hung up her basque and suspenders. Someone on here posted an archived copy of the NG website on the North East forum Hazel was on it and seeing her pics brought back some happy and filthy images ;)

Stunning black girl called Leah @ SS in MCR circa 2005. She was unfortunately outed and started working at The Pumproom in Birmingham.

Long retired I would say.

Online KentAde

Blonde English Chloe and Sandie Caine for me......first one met someone and had a baby, and the latter went into directing porn.....
Sad times...  :(

Offline NickFury

I miss Penny from HOD. red hair, slim and busty and young. Was hoping she would reappear during the summer hols but guess she's gone for good!
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Erica of sasha's in Walsall about 8 years ago really sexy little blonde retired apparently

Offline sticko

I've posted about her before; for me it has to be Claudia of 71a Berwick Street. Those lips...

Offline Jackhammer88

Got to be Angel ex SS. She started in a shithole called The Bunny Club and then went to Sandys. Sadly retired now but for me she gave the best GFE & OWO ever ad well as being fooking gorgeous!  :D
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Kimween. A good looking Thai lady, with a friendly personality to match, who worked in the Kilburn area around 2013. We got along great, with her allowing me to stay over and relax with her after our one and only punt, for a couple of hours. We just relaxed and talked. She seemed sad when i left that day, and even suggested we meet up again. I thought it was all a ploy to get more money out of me to be honest, so knocked her back. I've since had the same offer from other working girls since that time, but this time took them up on it, and no money exchanged hands after the initial meet, so wonder what could have been with her.

Kristen (or was it Kirsten?) of Newcastle, very pretty young lady with a cracking body. I'm not from the area but had the fortune of seeing her once whilst travelling

Offline Eliczo

I do wonder what happened to Lucy of Doncaster, I understood she apparently had stalker problems but I found her to be good if somewhat unreliable (cancelled on me a few times before she disappeared)

Porcha who used to work in one of the walk ups in Shepherd Market. Tall, great body, good looking and huge tits (which were fake). Would love one more punt with her.

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