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I've been punting for many years now, and for some reason this Lady had not come up on my radar.  I wanted to try something different so initially contacted her about experiencing her tantric service.

That was at the start of April and since the initial meet I have been back to see her 5 times to date.  She is good, very good.

Coms are always excellent.  Her place is clean and safe.  The pics on her profile are a few years old but rest assured, she is very easy on the eye.  Whenever I walk through the door the excitement is building,  She is always immaculate, clean and fresh, and dressed to please.

Scarlett has a knack about her, you immediately feel at ease, but I suppose the deep kisses before you are invited to follow her upstairs help with that.

She is very good at reading what you want and is also very responsive.  Our meets have varied from a slow and sensual massage followed by playtime after to her jumping on me as I walked through the door.  Every time has ranked as one of the best experiences with an escort I have had.

For a girl with such an innocent face, she can be downright filthy at times, and the sight of her wearing thigh highs and PVC straddling me on the bed whilst wanking the old boy furiously and french kissing me is one that I will hold in the wank bank for some time.

Whilst the sex is good, very good in fact, she is also a beautiful person and very easy to talk to.  She enjoys what she does obviously. You can't be that good at something unless you are enjoying it.

Her advertised rates are a little on the high side, but as with everything in this world you get what you pay for.  She does not take on many new clients, and will check you out thoroughly before the first meet, but if you are lucky enough to get past the vetting stage, hold on tight, you in for the ride of your life.

Treat well gents, she's a goodun.

10 review(s) found for ScarlettJo linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Great review of a great girl.  :thumbsup:

Do yourself a favour though, leave the Treat well gents, comment out of your next review, you won't last long on this forum otherwise  :lol:

Offline ianvilla

This one is right at the top of my hotlist

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