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Author Topic: GirlfriendLara  (Read 2196 times)

15 review(s) for GirlfriendLara (10 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline jstrongerrrrr

Location: Warwick Road/Earls Court

Visited Lara yesterday for one hour incall. Was a very short notice booking, comms were easy - she answered straight away and saw her within an hour of calling at her temporary accommodation, nice basement flat on Warwick Road - her family are staying at her flat in London Bridge so she is working in K&C for a few weeks.
She is the girl in the photos, although they are heavily photoshopped - was a tad disappointed looks wise, but despite this she is attractive 6.5/10, really bubbly demeanour and up for everything that I asked for. Got a thing for edging at the moment. She spent the first 20 mins or so teasing the hell out of me. This involved lots of DFK, rimming(lots of) and excellent OWO..repaid the favour with an oily butt and pussy massage, lots of RO which she loved, dirty chat, she came hard and then she rode me hard to completion - was super horny and came pretty quick. She can kiss and rim for britain and was really into the session so no complaints.
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15 review(s) found for GirlfriendLara linked to in above post (10 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline mrhappypants

Errrm £200 per hour for someone you rate as 6.5 for looks.

Can you give a comment about value please?


Offline jstrongerrrrr

I understand an escorts value is one of the common bugbears of this forum - to me it is an irrelevance whether I pay £120 or £250 - it is the level of service that I am interested in and it is my choice how much I choose to pay - to many on here she may be overpriced, I was willing to pay that much to see someone at short notice who has good reviews and her service didn't disappoint.
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Heavily photoshopped pictures is at any price a pisstake, to be doing that while charging £200 an hour is a disgrace  :thumbsdown:

Offline booblord

To each his own but for me Lara appearance is 9/10. Got the fit brazilian body with just the booty i love and great service... Unfortunately her price has gone up slightly over my budget so havent been able to see her regularly like before.

Offline mash

Did this one use to work at HoD back in the day? If so, she was hot but £200 hot I dont think so. Seem to remember she had lathered herself up in body cream before our meet, her skin felt weird as fuck.

Offline yumyum3

Did this one use to work at HoD back in the day?
Yes. I had a lovely punt with her in South Kensington. £60 for half an hour. Certainly wouldn't pay her prices now.

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