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Author Topic: Rachael in Hull TOFTT  (Read 614 times)

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Offline mediumjoe

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I hope that worked .Saw her about a year ago my very first wg 1 hour GFE £120 , she says that she updates photos regularly, still same ones on show and they were at least 10 years out of date then . I can`t believe how green I was back then ended up with a hand job and out the door in 40 mins ,and this was after the first time when I had driven all the way to Hull and she wasn`t there  and yet I still rebooked !what an idiot . Very dark in her house, probably to hide the fact that she is a size 14 not a 10 as advertised then ,also quite a few years older than stated . wouldnt do sex as she said I was too big lol and this after all these years with the Roman  legions pounding through! [thanks Monty P ]I`m too embarrased to want to remember any more , suffice to say avoid .  True what everyone on here says about AW ratings she is still getting good reviews , some poor b,s must be bloody desperate and thankfull for any affection shown  Joe

1 review(s) found for       RACHAEL linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline hullad

Good report sorry it was a shocker for you.

I have her in my hit list and even rang her one day, as it turns out I avoided a bad one. The whole point of this site is to share experiences and through this the poor ladies lose trade and the good ones get more business.

Offline mediumjoe

Thanks Hullad ,quite agree ,if we can just save another member wasting his hard earned its all good saw that particular waste of space before I joined this site . Just wish more members would review ,especially the ones to avoid! Joe

Christ I've just realised I saw her at an hotel in York over a decade ago.
NOT a good punt, although she did look a lot slimmer back then.
Very strange fake tits, she was over 40 then IMHO.
She was doing duos with a chain smoking waif called Savannah.

Makes me shiver to remember it.
Nice hotel though. Elmbank it was, by the racecourse...


I have been contemplating visiting her for a while.Now crossed off my list.Thanks for TOFTT.

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