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Author Topic: Ireland  (Read 1131 times)

I can become your go to guy here. Please,please please come visit , we need yer money  ;)


Offline ladyofthemansion

Too many ladies are caught working in hotels there and now have a criminal record and photos splashed all over the papers so think I will give it a miss. Too scared. Though its a place I would like to visit.

Offline Lucy chambers

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Ah, hello ninebythree. I was wondering if you would pop in. Welcome :)

Lottie- it isn't that bad.Indies are still legal, the ladies caught down in Tralee were working together.

Offline distressed

I have punted in Tralee,Killarnery and Cork without any problems.Punting outside of Dublin is much more pleasureable as touring girls are much more friendly and accommodating.

Offline Jerboa

Top of the morning to ya, maybe now Is a good time to send your Irish girls over der water to earn some ££££ for the sake of Ireland.  ;)

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