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Author Topic: When to punt????  (Read 489 times)

Offline lovingfacials

Back in the day I would book an appointment with a cilent and tag a punt into the day...........then work got more tighter with off site visits and this stopped being an option, sign of times (harsh economic times) i/e they took a closer watch on our movements

I noticed I started to resent punting in my own time i/e outside of work time.........so added to family & other commitments I never wanted to or could get to punt in evenings. so my window of punting dwindled.

Now I punt less then I used to but only on selected days where I can 'get away' - do others punt in work time, and run the risk, or punt in other key time (family time) or do you have a dedicated time of week/month to do your 'roaming'

Offline mh

Work time mainly, either as you say tagging it on to a work visit or just in an extended lunch break. Though since I work way longer than normal hours and don't get paid overtime then I just view it as flexi-time.

I've only ever punted fully in my own time once when I took a whole day off work but as far as my wife was concerned I was going to a meeting in London. It didn't turn out to be a worthwhile enough punt to spend a whole day's holiday on it so I did resent it!

Offline potata72

I punt in my own time as it's the only possible option for me under my circumstances.  It's not a problem for me at all though.

Offline tda666

Similar to you guys too, I have a lot of flexibility in my career so I can get away for a couple of hours every now and then without too much hassle or suspicion. i try not to shit on my own doorstep too much so I usually have a 30 - 45 minute journey each way on top of the meet. The other thing I try and do is to have a punt earlier in the day just in case there is a bit of a whiff of perfume or more commonly a bit of that bloody sparkly bronzer which is a bugger to get out of your stubble. It would always worry me if i travelled straight home from a punt without having a few hours back in the office to double check everything is as it should be !

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