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Author Topic: 4-Play Models Group?  (Read 961 times)

Offline Jerboa

I was browsing AW and this group keeps popping up, the girls look model like hot, and mostly around Enfield/Herts area, anyone know if they are legit or PG sellers?

http://groups.adultwork.com/4%2DPlay+Models or http://groups.adultwork.com/19213

Offline paul_b_1977

One of their members is online on cam right now so perhaps it's worthwhile to have a peek - https://www.adultwork.com/3334608

Generally, the group seems to have some pretty high end pricing so always a tough one to commit to when more is at stake

Offline Jerboa

It looks to good to be true, I haven't run any of the profile pics through GRIS yet.

There was a couple of threads on this group on the main board the group seems to have changed its name several times

All have bareback ticked and from what other members have said never reply to emails. I assume the escort box is ticked to increase footfall on the profiles and tempt a few more gullible punters to book a cam session

Offline Hansolo69

This group used to be called Devils Angels.
Sadly its some prick running girls for webcam and advertising them as escorts.
I was horrified to see one of my friends on there advertised as an escort.
She went mental when I asked her about it.
The prick is VERY slow at removing her profile.

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