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Author Topic: Gina - Maxs Angels  (Read 145 times)

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Offline skier123


Wish i'd seen the exisiting review before. However i had originally booked someone else who cancelled late and only 'Gina' was available so even though i thought not really my type i would give it a go as maxs has been excellent in the past - this is the first bad experience i have had with them.

Arrived late in jeans and t-shirt, no effort made.
no kissing whatsoever - not even a peck on the cheek
the initial time wasting massage
short, disinterested bj
generally poor and even insulting attitude
takes every opportunity to waste time
tries to leave asap
has complete disdain for he 'clients' and does bother hiding it

I get that you don't like your job - many people don't but they usually do put some effort in.

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