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Author Topic: Suzi massage Colindale  (Read 735 times)

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None of my usuals were available, so out of desperation I turned to backpage (I know, bad idea, but my lower brain was in control).

Long story short... I called up and was quoted £60 for an hour including b2b massage and happy ending.

Got to the apt and door was opened by average looking Hungarian, pictures are accurate. She was wearing a long black dress. Shown to a room with a bed but no massage table. Paid, stripped, lay down and the massage began. Massage was decent, medium pressure and she seemed to know what she was doing.

Asked me to turn over after a while, without having done any teasing while I was on my front. Immediately started playing with me. I asked if she does b2b, she shook her head in the negative. I said I was told over the phone that it's included. She let out a frustrated grunt, got up, stripped and started banging about in her cupboard looking for knickers. She put them on, lay down, squirted baby oil on her tits and told me to proceed (she understood b2b to mean tit fuck). I told her soon, I wanted to have some fun first. So she started stroking my friend while I was playing with her, until I'd have enough and tit fucked her.

I came after 40 minutes and she showed me where the shower was, I didn't bother asking for another 20 minutes of massage. Even if she'd grudgingly agreed, it would have been miserable.

To summarise, I was lied to on the phone or the girl tried to get away with not performing an agreed service, either one is bad. No massage table, despite advertising as a massage service. Not a one hour service. Not very sexy. Poor attitude.

Considering the number of Hungarians offering a far superior service for £70/£80 this is a must avoid.

Offline Massboy

I had booked to see her but saw this. Cheers

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