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Author Topic: Best Punting City  (Read 4467 times)

Offline Gspotter

Let me answer this question in Zen master fashion by not answering this question.

I want to spend the weekend eating out, where's the best city in the UK?

London wins hands down in terms of diversity of cuisine and the quantity of options at various price points. Plus the Londoners are a fickle lot, any establishment that does not deliver quality will go out of business. Keep in mind that eating out in London actually requires you to be in London which has certain inconveniences.
Now apply the same logic to your predicament.

More direct answer: unless you're going to overdose on Cialis, a weekend is not that many punts. So you don't need the quantity of London or Manchester and any decent city will work out if you do some legwork. Think of a candidate city and then see what kind of reviews it gets here or on aw. Unless the punting is absolutely dire, and no I haven't been in Derby, you should be able to find a couple of girls to your liking.
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Offline getonit

1. Nottingham
2. Manchester
3. Leicester

Worst is Birmingham.

Nope, Coventry...then Birmingham

Not for me there's not. With a team of secretaries to compute locations travelling costs reviews maybe yes; without that a ridiculous amount of time is needed by someone who doesn't know London intimately to get laid.

A lottery ticket gives you lots of choice. Doesn't mean you'll win.

Even getting in and out of London is harder than some trips abroad. Full of hype and in reality it's about as much fun getting around as a crowded derelict poor man's version of New York. Point me to a place where I can get off at Kings X, walk ten minutes, and have a choice of top rate OWO and shag with an attractive indie for £70 a half hour or the same in a parlour. No, you can't. London might have lots of lots of, but it's a craphouse choice. End of. Oh -- and it has a lot of London-philes that constantly believe it's the centre of the Universe, but it's like rats in a cage after the latest bit of cheese. Best city for punting?? Like saying to someone in Michigan that the U.S. is the best country for beaches.

Which is why I mostly punt when I am travelling out of London even if it is only in Herts or Beds but further if I can make it.

PS Chicago is at the bottom of Lake Michigan 

Has to be London simply for the variety from personal experience.

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