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Author Topic: Do you regret punting?  (Read 2957 times)

Hi guys,

As im new to this and still need to encounter my first punt, ive been wondering whether people regret punting.
From reading posts on here..it seems people punt every few weeks, spending loads of money and seem very addicted. Do you regret getting into this? Do you wish you can stop?


Hmm - sounds a bit trollish to me.  :rolleyes:

I don't regret punting, but it's too hard a question to answer. Wanking to porn became tedious, although marvelously cheaper.

I do regret starting to shave so damn early! But, that's another topic entirely.

Offline Kenaldo

Maybe in a different life or with a different wife I might.

But I've shagged about 60 ladies in the past 7/8 years, some good, some bad and some where I questioned my sanity!

But I've had 20 year olds who I would never have met let alone shagged, shagged milfs with massive tits, had two girls swap my cock between their mouths and done so many varied and great things and hopefully pleased the odd lady at the same time.

So for me the answer is no I don't regret it at all.

I just want more and more and more.

If only there were money trees!

No, i don't. It's just a hobby. I spend money on prostitutes, my friend spends thousands on Leica photo gear.  :hi:

Offline howrude

In the earlier years when I didn't have as much money, I would feel guilty about punting. And also because of the general stigma surrounding it. And I sometimes thing I could have saved more money. But I've had many sensational experiences with many supersexy women. It's impossible to regret.

Offline justaguy1213

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The only thing I regret is wasting time trying to meet girls and get nowhere on dating sites. Punting cuts out all the crap and probably costs less than chasing after relationships.

Never regretted punting. My wife is no longer interested in sex so this is ideal for me. Had so many great times that far outweigh the bad ones. I'm now in my 60s so to be fucking young girls in their 20s is a win win situation. My last punt was a gorgeous 25 year old who let me do what I wanted to her, so I drilled all her holes. A weekend punt sets me up for the week.

Offline rg41

I certainly don't regret punting

Offline mf_1101

Only when I think I want a new monitor or new pair of shoes and realise I blew £100+ on a shag for an hour. Otherwise, not in the slightest - Fucking love the idea that at anytime I can shag women way out of my league and make them swallow my cum, all for a bit of my hard earned cash. No way in the Civvie would would I get a rimjob and a blowjob at the same time.

Of course you could come on here and say "if you went out more you can find a girl to do this for free" - and I would say you're living in a fantasy world. Punting is for sexual fantasies, pure emotionless sex and girlfriends and wives are for everything else that comes with women. 

Offline seward

Don't regret any of it had some very good experiences over the years, regrets are a pointless self indulgence, you can't change the past. :hi:

Offline RedKettle

An attractive woman stripping naked on demand and leaning over to suck my cock before I start pounding away inside her - what is there to regret?

Even the few awful punts I have had are actually now, with the passing of time, interesting or funny memories.

Life is for living, you are a long time dead.

Nope never regretted starting punting. Wish I had started years ago. If i had come across UKP I may have done.

I am late 40's now and I love it as I can fuck girls that in real life are way out of my league.

When I first started punting I got a huge kick out of the fact that I can meet a stranger and 10 mins later she had my cock in her mouth. Still get a kick out of it now.

Finances allowing I cannot see me giving up anytime soon.

Offline Malvolio

It's what you don't do in life that you end up regretting, not what you do.

There have been punts where I've spent my cash and had a rubbish experience, but that's inevitable.  As long as you can afford it and it doesn't lead to unpleasant consequences, I doubt if you'll find anyone on here that regrets punting.

Offline star69

 Would not say regret but am dissapointed with the quality of punting, certainly where I live anyway. I believe London has the widest variety and good quality WGs as well. As one punter pointed out, the opportunity of having sex with a girl half your age or more is what drives it forward. I certainly would not want to be the position of the 20s girl though, being fucked by an unknown 60 year old bloke, no matter what.
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Offline Diehard

No not at all. Most of my appointments run way over what I pay for and as I generally don't see the same lady twice the wild sex I've had with hundreds of women is the stuff as a teenager I could only dream about.

Seeing a hooker is better than a one night stand. I've had a few one night stands and the girls tend not to be as sexually adventurous as hookers, they seem to worry about their hair and get too inhibited, the sex tends to get better over time with civvies but as it happens the cost to my wallet tends to be a lot higher than getting the depravity I get off a hooker within 5 mins of meeting her.

There is nothing to regret about using hookers unless you have a guilt conciense or believe in feminism.

Personally I don't so banging hookers is less time consuming, cheaper and less stressful than civvie street. Well, it used to be at any rate.

Offline purple_t

Only regret it if it's a bad punt. Fortunately, only had a couple. Swings and roundabouts

Offline ironmaiden

 Just started punting recently. Hopefully no regrets !!!
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Offline Daiawn


I've had a few, but then again too few to mention...

Offline GreyDave


I've had a few, but then again too few to mention...

Never in over 35 years of it have I regretted it I have seen mates chase women and play silly buggers to get in their pants to no effect. Punting allows choice and variety It has kept me from being daft with women and girls in civie life I just wish I had done more when younger the thing is the price was higher 20 years ago now seems to be the Golden age for us lads in London  :drinks:  started in walk ups still walking up em do the odd recommendation of Steve2 and others zero emotional involvement is the key and 25mg of blue stuff :D :D

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