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Author Topic: Cheapest P4P Encounter  (Read 1587 times)

Offline ik8133

What's the cheapest P4P sexual encounter you've had? 

Mine was 20 euros for OW with a street girl during a recent visit to France.  Was a bit drunk and was curious to see what the red-light district was like.  Got accosted and persuaded to part with some cash for a BJ with a black girl, it was over a bit quick but nice all the same.

What does P4P stand for? Pay 4 Play?

Offline Vivago

5 dollars which I guess at the time was about £3.

Offline raylondoner

What does P4P stand for? Pay 4 Play?

Almost - Pay 4 Pleasure!  :hi:

Offline cueball

A fiver for an ham shank in Bradford 20 odd years ago.

Offline Ben4454

£30 in a walk up in London around 8 years ago.
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€25 in a Frankfurt walk up.

Offline Gooner

£30 BJ from on Ilford lane. Good times.  :D

Offline stevedave

£20 for a blowjob and shag in the Leeds RLD, many moons ago.

Offline raylondoner

£2 in Soho - showing my age!  :hi:

Offline vt

£2 in Soho - showing my age!  :hi:

£22 in Soho...showing my age!  :lol:

Though I went to a GGP party the other day, got multiple BJs off 5 different girls and fucks with 4 of them for £60...so I guess that works out at £6.67 per interaction. 

A £10 blowjob in Middlesbrough long before the Internet and CCTV. 

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