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Author Topic: Lily - Broadway - 07471 870710  (Read 1400 times)

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Online Corus Boy

Went to Broadway to see Gina.  After a confused conversation with the telephone girl I arrived to find that Gina had gone, an emergency in London.  So I found myself in the room with Lily.

Size 4 or 6.
AA size cup with large, firm nipples.
5' tall.
Pretty enough.
Little English.
No kissing.
Long black hair.
OWO, good, £10 extra.

Standing there in a see through dress and matching lingerie underneath I was feeling very happy.

Lily motioned me to get on the bed and asked if I wanted a massage, as it seemed to be a good start I said yes to an oily massage.  Massage was OK, didn't last long before it turned into a fingertip tease of my arse and balls.

When I lifted myself up attention moved to my cock.

As I wanted to look at her body some more I turned myself over, Lily continued massaging my cock before reaching for the wet wipes and  received the mandatory cock clean up before oral commenced.  Oral was good but with a lot of hand work however I was compensated because she positioned herself with her pussy within reach and she enjoyed having it played with, lots of stroking and rubbing but no fingers inside.

I had to stop the oral as I would have shot my load too soon.

Lily reached for a condom and climbed onto me and started a vigorous bout of cowgirl.  It was fast and loud, both her cries and the sound of her arse cheeks slapping on my belly :)

I didn't last long after that.

All in all a really good punt, hope she comes back soon.

Offline ledley

thanks as always Cb, always good to know who is working there. i agree it is very difficult to get info from the lady on the phone

Offline aardvark

Standing there in a see through dress and matching lingerie underneath I was feeling very happy.

I didn't have you down as a cross - dresser CB ................. :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Welcome back aardvark.

Weirdly enough I was thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you on the boards for a while.

Offline aardvark

Thank you very much STT.

I haven't been on much and haven't been punting much in the last few months (once with Jessybee since mid April) - met a civvy girl who has been floating my boat very nicely.

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