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Author Topic: What Is Least You Have Paid For A Punt, And Where ?  (Read 8990 times)

Offline Steely Dan

$20 in Puerto Rico club.  BJ and sex in a little room off the club dance floor with just a curtain - could hear all the people outside, and wondered if any would walk behind the curtain by accident. Great girl!

Offline akauya

Does fucking a porn star in a major gangbang count? If so, then it cost me the grand total of £0. It was free as the gangbang was being broadcast via webcam and she wanted volunteers :D

Offline socks

I had one all dayer which was free but I took some pics and vids for her. The least I've paid would be a 15 min hj for £20

Early punting career in Birmingham/Wolverhampton/Walsall in the 70s, streetgirls seemed to be a standard £5 in the car, £10 inside.  Once in WV, when I went for an "inside" job, I was offered her "sister" joining in for an additional £5.  Explained I only had £10 and she joined in anyway............. never happened again!

Offline chelsea1962

Well had a bar girl in Pattaya for a few night 1000bt all night = 20 quid
on my last night said i didnt have any money left she said just pay bar
= 4 quid i come with you anyway :yahoo:

Offline daffon


Back in 2010, if you were an exhibitionist you could go to Big Sister in Prague with your passport, sign a model release and then fuck one of the day's models for nothing in the 'mountain room', or the 'harem' or another fantasy set, for as long as you could manage. I went 5 times over two visits to this wonderful city. Oh, and they sent me the DVD a couple of weeks later so I'm a porn star. Official.


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