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Author Topic: Eva , Oxford  (Read 201 times)

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Offline sub_marine


OK so first review from me on here.  Met Eva prior to her moving to Oxford, so can't comment on the premises or anything like that.  I contacted her looking for domination, having previously use the services of Pro-Dommes, I was a little hesitent about a hooker with a whip.  The BDSM community is sort of up its arse about who and what constitutes a proper pro service

Anyway, on the phone had discussed basic likes, shoe and foot fetish, face sitting, OTK spanking.  Got there and discussed for 2-3 mins of how the session was to go, asked for no marking.  There was a few items laying on her bed typical of what a non kinky hooker would own, a wooden spoon, small bit of rope, cheap strap-on etc

However its not the gear that makes the session, its whether the girl can actually dominate, and Eva certainly scored marks there, she was slapping my face and shouting at me, also smacking my arse with a wooden spoon, next she was flicking her cigarette ash in my mouth.  Plenty of shoe and foot licking.  About half way through the session she had stripped out of her clothes.  Quite a curvy girl, probably not for everybody, very feminine shape and cracking tits, bit of a soft tummy, I like curvier girls anyway so was all good with me.  Near the end she lays me down on the laminate floor and watersports begin, no hassle of having to use the bath tub

So it was a first time for the watersports and human ashtray, didn't ask for them, but been wanking off over it since, so defiantly struck a cord.  I guess you'll have to quite specific with limits if these are not for you.  Up till this point my rating was positive, but then I went for a shower and noticed all the red welts on my arse from the wooden spoon, not ideal, had to spend the next 4 weeks hiding from the OH.

2 review(s) found for .___EVA___. linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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