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Author Topic: Busty Brunette Brooke (Shoreham near Brighton)  (Read 613 times)

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Offline Bonetti


After looking at her 'tasty photos' on her profile I booked an appointment for an hour at her incall location, bungalow end of a road, discreet not far from the big M&S/Tesco.

Good correspondence, as instructed parked up then Brooke calls with a withheld number to give the bungalow number.

Side entrance, her home which is cluttered & in need of some tlc. Friendly lady, about 5'4", not as 'tasty' as photos suggest, tight short dress, bare feet, no great effort made as profile may suggest. Lovely big tits though, facially ok but nothing by way of stunning.

I asked if I could use the bathroom. She suggested a massage to start, not good. I then massaged her & gave her oral (clean I must say) then on me oral & I must say this was the only highlight, no deep throat but long slow licking which I admit was good as was the ball licking, gentle but it worked. Kissing I instigated but gave up as just 'touch kissing' on lips.

I just didn't feel 'the passion' As I say she is friendly but more of a receiver than a giver I felt, soon onto 'mish' & as I left I noticed it was 45 mins. I'll be honest it was enough for me time wise but at £140 not good value at all, I wouldn't consider a return.

I suppose as oral was passable I should give a neutral but based on the visit overall rating slips to a negative! VFM better elsewhere irrespective of her AW ratings IMHO.

1 review(s) found for BustyBrunetteBrooke linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Cheers for the review, has been only HL for a while but will now treat with caution!

Offline thatguy

Thanks buddy. I did have her on my HL. Gone now though. Again thanks for highlighting it and sorry your out of pocket.
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Offline Bonetti

Cheers fellas, the advantage of posting on UKP  :thumbsup:

I was thrown by her great photos & really good AW feedback, as I say nice lady but when you spend a good few quid you have expectations & they just weren't matched, can't win them all so 'onwards & upwards  :rolleyes:

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