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Author Topic: Too good to be true?  (Read 1345 times)

Offline fedor

Photos are not verified

The photos of this escort have not been verified as authentic by our team

Last online 4 months ago

Offline daviebond

Im betting they are Roms not Spanish or Italian

Offline ickydicky

Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

Oh no question about that but the pictures/setting look cheap enough to be genuine. I reckon that's the 2 girls.

Scottish tesco bag for life in the background if one of the photos. Also a pretty good face pic in the mirror in the background of one of them too and she looks pretty tidy. Looks more genuine than fake but all depends on  who's waiting behind the door  :crazy:

Offline Santiago

Last on line 4 months ago  :(

Nice detective work on the Scottish tesco bag lol. Not sure how that site works but that profile certainly hasn't been up for 4 months, only appeared recently as I check duos in Glasgow regularly. Maybe they joined 4 months ago and have made themselves available again recently, but you'd think that would show as them having been online.

Just called, they're in Dennistoun and £120 for hh.

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